BB stolen (mostly) from Ollie

AO: Gladiator

When: 07/28/2022

QIC: Tebow

PAX (9): Bo Knows, Cheneral, Delicious, DREAMER, Fire Drill, Laces, Moonshine, vertigo


After an HC for an exciting Macbeth VQ, he let me know he wasn’t feeling well and asked if I could cover for him… umm… sure!  Totally ripped off the BD though!

1 lonely pre-runner did a little something to try to take the Strava King of the Mountain title from Scratch-Off up on Centennial Hill.  I think the secret is pre-running when he’s out of town.


On the way to the coupon pile, we saw someone coming in hot… assumed it was Bo Knows (it was) so we just stopped right there in the street for some SSH, windmills, moroccon night clubs and worlds greatest stretch.

Onward to the coupon pile where PAX were encouraged to grab a mildly ambitious two-handed rock.

The Thang:

With coupons procured, we carried them over by the splashpad, apparently someone had left a whiteboard and speaker of there… weird.

Simple BD. 50 seconds of exercise, 10 seconds rest in between, which was pretty much just enough time to transition.

  1. squats
  2. rows
  3. curls
  4. good mornings
  5. presses
  6. flutter kicks
  7. skull crushers
  8. box cutters
  9. lap around the parking lot (getting this within the time limit was also ambitious, but I think we made it every time)

Rinse and Repeat 3x, on the 4th time, we went around the group and a PAX picked an exercise for the 50 seconds but after 4 or 5 it was time to return our mildly ambitious coupons and get back to the flag.


Quiet crew this morning.

FiA convergence on August 6th

2 spots open for the BRR if anyone is interested… always seems to be some open spots for this every summer!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I love you guys.

Thanks to Macbeth for making me Q so I had to drag my butt out of the fartsack that I’ve been enjoying so much lately.

Tebow out

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