5th Q’s a Charm

AO: Firehouse

When: 07/21/2022

QIC: Janeway

PAX (5): Janeway, LifeLock VPN, Lightweight, Suarez, Zuckerburg/Snorlax


Today was my 5th Q.  The first two were VQs at Starting Line and Fire House (respectively), and they involved a lot of extreme creativity as I felt constrained in each instance to develop a Q to live up to and represent the Trekkie F3 moniker that I’ve been given or communicate some meta-narrative I felt impressed to share.

My next two Qs, I essentially functioned as a doppelganger for another’s Q I experienced when posting DR, tasked with translating their BD to our AO.

Today’s Q was the first time I didn’t have these constraints and I spent a reasonable but not undue time reviewing the Exicon, the Google satellite terrain map of the Fire House AO, and developing a BD which I felt should work.  I felt like my 2.0 Komrad, studying the lay of the land and prepping an action plan for my platoon, but on a much smaller scale than he does at Riverside Military.  I wanted it to have elements our PAX don’t typically encounter, and I wanted to have some fun.  I also wanted to stay within the bounds of what I know I can Q, especially with a bum left leg, YET make it challenging for all… knowing of course that I would cede at times counting cadence to other PAX (who were more than willing to jump in and help) because the numbers function in my brain generally short circuits when the body begins to engage a BD.

With all HCs accounted for, we did a quick mosey around the short loop to The Spot ™.


10 Abe Vigodas: IC 4ct deliberately slowly paced Windmills to maximize the stretch
10 Alternating Side Squats: IC 4ct deliberately slowly paced to maximize the squat
(left leg out to side, squat, return; right leg out to side, squat, return)
10 Air Squared: Air chair w/ IC overhead air claps at reasonable pace: 1,2,3,4; 2,2,3,4
10 Imperial Squat Walkers: 4ct starting w/ the squat, so 2 squats per rep; nobody still seems  to know to do this IC, so it became OYO)
Game of 21s: 21 SSH IC with QIC calling first 5 SSHs out loud… then dead silence (except for the 90s grunge background music) with all PAX continuing IC with a view to all PAX stopping in unison at SSH #21; if anyone stopped earlier than #21 or went later than #21, they earned a penalty of 15 monkey humpers.  3 of the 5 PAX failed to stop at 21, including YHC (remember, I can’t count), so the other 2 PAX got to watch us humiliate ourselves.

At this point, we all jogged to The Quarry and each picked up two hand sized coupons… sizeable coupons just big enough to completely fill each of our individual hands and able to be held and carried individually in each of our hands.

The Thang:

Returning to The Spot ™:

10 Sun Gods IC w/ coupons Sobriety Style (standing one one leg, switching to other leg after 5 reps)
10 Chinooks IC w/ coupons Sobriety Style (standing one one leg, switching to other leg after 5 reps)
10 Grave Diggers IC w/ both coupons
10 Heavy Freddies: Feddy Mercuries on your Six w/ coupons
10 Louganis: Big Boys Sit-ups w/ coupons over head

We then ran with our two coupons each to the top of the hill (where the opening Mosey starts).  We once again made our way around the short loop of the parking lot back to The Spot ™, but this time with a little more agony along the way:

Nutcrackers to 1st Peninsula: Hold coupons overhead, lunge, bringing coupons to meet between legs during lunge, stand bringing coupons back over head; repeat, leading with alternate leg – it was cool to hear all the coupons clanking together over everyone’s head and between everyone’s legs along the way; I even got some coupon shavings in my hair

Parking Space Tracers to 2nd Peninsula: PAX got in a row; holding coupons in hands, side/slide step along parking space line all the way across the lot, then run up to the 2nd  next line (i.e., skip one line), then side/slide step along parking space line all the way across the lot; repeat this zig-zag run until reaching 2nd Peninsula; then Bernie Sanders back to 1st Peninsula (just because we could) and then sprint back to 2nd Peninsula.

Murder Bunnies from 2nd Peninsula to 3rd Peninsula, bringing us to where the 180 degree loop begins.

Black Snake to The Spot ™: Indian Run with PAX in back weaving his way through the PAX in line until he reached the front of the line.  All PAX finished the Snake just as we arrived back at The Spot ™ and we deposited our coupons back into the Quarry.

PAX split into a team of two and a team of three.

Wheelbarrow up further up parking lot to 1st Peninsula: One PAX take plank position, teammate(s) left his legs, and they wheelbarrow walk.  (We initially tried this as an “Empty Wheelbarrow” where the PAX who is the barrow is in back-plank position – essentially a crab walk with the teammate(s) holding the PAX’s legs – but it was an unmitigated disaster so we switched to normal Wheelbarrow.)

At 1st Peninsula, teammates switched positions, the holder becoming the barrow and the barrow becoming the holder of the legs, and we continued the wheelbarrow up to the big speed hump.

At the speed hump, there is a nice walkway back to the Pavilion side of the parking lot.  So we did Alligator Merkins along the entire walkway to the Pavilion side of the parking lot.  Everybody loved this.

Once the path ended at the other side of the parking lot, we got up and sprinted to the Pavilion where we once again split into a team of two and a team of three and played Rochamburpees:

In elbow plank position and facing your partner PAX, we played 5 rounds of “Rock, Paper Scissors“.  The loser of the round had to do a burpee; the winner had to do a merkin (if it was a tie, play continued until the round was resolved with a winner and loser(s).  Each round, we added one to the count of burpees / merkins required (so after Round 5, the loser(s) did 5 burpees, the winner did 5 merkins).

TIME FOR SOME COOL DOWN.  In the Pavilion, we finished with:

20 XYs (slowly IC combo of Rosalita plus Flutter Kick)
20 Dips (slower than usual)
20 Spiced Rum Squats (one leg on picnic table bench seat, squat so your Six touches the heel of your leg on the picnic table bench seat; 10 each leg)

There was some complaining about that point about “not enough abs” so we added in:
40 LBCs

With a little time left (believe it or not) for Mary, we went to the flag where we enjoyed:

Lightweight’s Leg Torture: him leading us in all kinds of leg maneuvers, 6″ above ground and hold, 90 degree up and hold, scissors, etc., etc., ad nauseum

LifeLock VPN’s Signature American Hammers: something like 40

Zuckerberg’s Rosalitas: something like 15 or 20

Suarez’ Controlled Merkins: too many (actually, five)

Another Lightweight call which I can’t remember, we were in a state of delirium by then, but it was painful.

LifeLock VPN’s utter inability to call out an exercise for 15 seconds

Zuckerberg’s WW2 Sit-ups: something like 15 or 20



During the COT, YHC share a snippet of the frustration some are feeling regarding lower PAX numbers and commitment at our sub-region AOs, based on convo after the previous morning’s BD at Starting Line.  Having reflected last evening on that conversation, I recalled the following and shared it with the PAX gathered together at Fire House for our consideration (quoting Someone important):

“Truly I tell you [a manner of speech meaning, ‘You’re not going to believe this, but it is true…’], whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.  Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.”  Or put another way:

“Remember this: whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. If two or three of you come together as a community and discern clearly about anything, My Father in heaven will bless that discernment.”

I then asked the PAX to call out things in our lives, in the world – whatever – where we feel or discern we need Sky-Q’s binding in heaven so we can then ask him to bind these things together on earth.  Some concerns mentioned were: stewardship & healing of our physical bodies; the guarding of our minds and removal of mental blocks which keep us from attaining all we are called to be as HIM; nations at war such as Russia and Ukraine; our own United States government (all levels) and how it regulates our freedom; areas of brokenness in our relationships with our Ms and 2.0s; and the PAX and residents who are part of No Longer Bound.

We then created a Ball of Man and I asked as many PAX as felt led to bind these matters on earth in prayer to SkyQ, that He would bind these things on earth as He would have them bound in heaven.  After all who felt led had prayed, I closed our time together with a few words of prayer of my own, submitting all these requests before SkyQ, that His kingdom come and will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Today was the first time I walked away from a Q feeling like I had done well.  Perhaps it was because there was more prayer on my part going into this Q than ever before (tho less time to prepare and only averaging 4.5 hours of sleep a night this entire week), and of course it was in part because my fellow PAX know my weaknesses and are willing to fill in the gap when those weaknesses arise.

This morning’s experience set today off to be a GREAT day, and I’m truly grateful for the PAX who give themselves over to one another in our sub-regional hinterland.

Janeway out.

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