“I didn’t expect Wolverines”

AO: The Storm

When: 07/16/2022

QIC: Dr. Vader,Grogu

PAX (6): Hushpuppy, Inseam, Snowman, Valley Girl, Dr. Vader,Grogu


Dr. Vader (age 9) and Grogu (age 7) are 2.0s of YHC, Hushpuppy.  These young PAX had such a great time with the Q last month that they wanted to do it again.  This time they came up with 100% of it themselves.


Ruck up the parking deck (sprints uphill were involved) to the top for SSH, Weedpickers, Mountain Man Poopers & Imperial Walkers.

The Thang:

Rucked back down to find an F3 patch that Dr. Vader had lost off his ruck sack – we found it!  Rucked out to the bridge and back with good mumblechatter involving Dr. Vader telling the story of how he received a Good Citizen Award from the Forsyth County Fire Department (he helped us to literally save our neighbor’s house from burning down a few weeks back).

From there came their surprise, BD ending to the morning – YHC retrieved their bicycles and we moseyed, ruck-less, to the greenspace.  Dr. Vader and Grogu instructed us that we were to begin the exercise of their choosing while they rode a lap on their bicycles around the greenspace and then they would call out a new exercise each time they rode past.  As an extra twist, they rotated how many laps they made per exercise to keep us on our toes.  An extended version of Mary consisted of: LBCs, Merkins, Wheezy Jeffersons, Banthas (this was a new exercise that they made up – it consisted of 1 BBSU followed by 1 Crunchy Frog), Squats, Plankjacks, Pretzel Sticks, SSH, BBSU, Flutter Kicks, Fire Hydrants, DJ Runners (another new exercise of their creation, 7 shuffle steps with 7 high knees alpha count, flapjack), Boat/Canoe, Plank and ended with WOLVERINES for 3 circles around the greenspace.


I encouraged the 2.0s the day prior to think about a “charge” they could give the PAX.  Dr. Vader charged that we should be aware of our surroundings, pay attention and always help where we can.  Grogu charged that we should be better and always go the extra mile in all that we do.  I’ve told our boys that this is a “Be Better” summer and we are all striving to simply be better at everything we can in every way we can.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

While they didn’t quite have the “calls” exactly correct for our exercises, they did put forth effort and thoughtfulness when creating their BD. Most importantly, we had fun together and they had a chance to “lead the PAX” as they desired to do. I hope this is but a mere foreshadowing of their eagerness to lead others as they progress year by year, to adulthood. They’d like to “Co-Q” again so I will sign them up!

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