Burpees Freakin Suck A Script Kiddie Bday Beatdown

AO: Starting Line

When: 07/20/2022

QIC: Script Kiddie

PAX (3): Janeway, Script Kiddie, Suarez


I had some time to think about/finalize my Birthday Beatdown plans as I drove home from my TN vacation, and with time on my hand and burpees on my mind, I formulated the plans for my 52nd birthday BD, a day or 2 early since my actual birthday is July 22. But with all that time I was confident the PAX that came out would not be disappointed in the BD plan.

There was not Pre-run or ruck events, so I get there a bit early to greet the PAX as they come in, Janeway arrived first with Suarez showing up soon after with the shovel flag, thanks to him for taking the flag when I was out of town.  The trend of low numbers continued, just 3 but I am so thankful for the HIM that are dedicated to show up each Beatdown to help keep the lights on at the Starting Line AO.


Moseyed to the standard spot and got the Warmup completed
Copperhead Squats
Moracin Nightclubs

Warmup complete and it was time to start the BD

The Thang:

Wanted to get the 52 count done so I came up with this plan
13 burpees
Run the short lap, to the other side
13 Crunch frogs
Run back to the cut across Bernie Sanders to the other side then finish up by running back to the starting point
Did this 4 times since 13×4=52
I chose the path since I was born in Lexington Kentucky home of Keenland and some of the most beautiful rolling hills/horse farms around, and the shape of the back and forth course was similar to a horseshoe
Thang1 was done

This was a round of 11s at the stairs
at the bottom
10 Jump Squats, I let Suarez and Janeway pick the first exercise
The toll, at the landing
Bear crawl the length of the landing – This was in honor of my high school mascot the Bearcat ok not the same thing but close enough

1 Happy Jack- 4 SSHs then drop and do a merkin,
Pay the Bear crawl toll on the way down as well
We repeated that until time  ran out so we got to 6 Happy Jacks and 5 Jump squats
At that point it was time to call it and mosey back to the flag


Prayers for Janeway’s M and 2.0s traveling home
And for the PAX that are feeling tired and under the weather

Acceleration point
A reminder that through out the year we have 2 resets/restarts one at the beginning of the year January 1st and another on your birthday as you close the door on your current age and move to the next year, and  start on a path to improve/become who you are meant to be

Along with that the last day of my vacation I was setting out on the balcony and noted a young man doing hill repeats on a huge hill, then once he was done he moved to another area, close by and started doing a set of 5-10 merkins on the sidewalk then sprinted up the hill there. He did that several times and it got me thinking, he is doing the hard work with no one around him monitoring him, and that is how you get better not at the track meets, or at practice but when no one is looking, because of what this young man was doing, he is better prepared to compete, when it comes time, just like in life as we do the hard work/discipline while no one is looking we are better prepared when something unexpected happens, so as you do the extra merkins or squats or core exercises you are better prepared for anything the Q will throw at you.  Also when you take the time to study for work or spend time with your M and 2.0s getting to know them you are better prepared for what the SkyQ/life will throw at you.
Your true character is revealed/refined in what you do when no one is looking.

With that we said pray and headed for the coffee, after the pic, of course

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Picture taken Coffee, coffee was shared and vacations were discussed.
Near the end the discussion of PAX count was discussed and some concern/frustration about the trend of low numbers at this AO and at Firehouse, hoping that trend ends and some men that we have not seen and new faces start showing up again, F3 is an amazing thing but seems like lately the numbers are not where they could be, something to work on, for sure.

Either way it is always a great way to start the day with HIM like Janeway and Suarez, and SirMixalot was missed this morning,
Time to look ahead to what year 52 has in store.

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