Baseball field time….. wait no….

AO: The Wreck

When: 07/20/2022

QIC: Juul

PAX (8): Beans, Blue, Bushwood, Echo, Juul, Sell-out, Shrink, Squeegee


2 minutes till and a smaller crowd…. I am sure others were sleeping in hoping that it would rain and then there could be retroactive excuses.


Mosey over to in-between the baseball field and the playground. Quick warm up round of:

  • SSH x15
  • Hillbillies x10
  • Windmills x10
  • Weed picker x10

PAX picked up a medium sized coupon and headed over to the baseball fields.

The Thang:

YHC had a workout planned to use the baseball field. Figured a change in scenery would make for a good morning. Low and behold, both of the gates to the field were locked with chains. YHC had a decision to make….. Go sandlot style and squeeze through the gates or call an audible. Given we have used some (not all) of our 9 lives on the parking lot destruction, YHC made the wise choice to audible.

Line up along the parking lot lines about half way. We rotated through a series of 11’s running down to the pavilion to do the first workout, and then back to our coupons for the second workout.

  • Hand-release merkins & overhead press
  • Big boys & box cutters
  • In between workouts were curls for the 6, and we did a quick down-and-back of walking curls.

5 minutes left we overhead carried the coupons back to the playground creek, stopping at the baseball wall for a quick round of 20 dips.

Mosey’d back to the flag for perfect timing. Time called


Prayers for:

  • Those that have recently lost their fathers – Aflac, Windex, GM
  • Sell-out’s brother in law has moved in with them and is dealing with declining health issues
  • Shrink’s older brother is dealing with brain tumors that have come back
  • Bushwood has a good friend that passed away recently from cardiac arrest while training for a marathon

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Life is too short to not be thankful for the good things and good people in your life. Take the time to reach out to those around you. Engage with an old friend, spend time with family, etc.

Thanks as always for letting me lead.

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