Inaugural Boneyard Q

AO: Boneyard

When: 07/18/2022

QIC: Brownie

PAX (5): Mater, Speedo, Zohan, Cold Cuts (visiting from NoVA)


Regular summer poster at Boneyard, first time Qing at this location. Wanted to get some work in at some parts of the park that we’ve not ventured to during any of the previous workouts I’d attended, so let’s do this thing.

PAX assembled, quick disclaimer provided after welcoming Cold Cuts visiting from out of town while his son is in GA for a baseball tourney, and we’re off on the mosey to the front of the park.


Once we got close to the front of the park, we circled up and knocked out a quick warmup:

15 SSHs

15 Windmills

10 Weekpickers

15 Imperial Walkers

The Thang:

Along the walking path that runs parallel to Old Alabama, we lined up for a round of 11s, starting with starjumps on one end and donkey kicks against the small building at the opposite end of the path. Travel direction was to Bernie from the starjumps to the building and regular mosey back. Once all PAX were done, a quick walking 10 count down into the grassy ravine towards the War Memorial.

After checking the field for any holes that Speedo might fall into, we lined up on one end of the field for bear crawls to the opposite end where we did 20 plank jacks, then crab walked back to the start for 20 BBSUs. Next round was 15 plank jacks and 15 BBSUs using the same modes of travel, but only half the length of the ravine. Final round, 10 plank jacks and 10 BBSUs…same travel modes, same pain.

Traverse up the hill to the Wall that Heals Memorial Wall where we lined up on one end. Lunge walk until you reached one of the black marble benches where each member of the PAX knocked out 10 merkins until we reached the midway point. 10 burpees and resume the lunges and merkins until reaching the main walking path again.

Started the mosey back towards the flag and stopped at the various benches along the way for assorted exercises (squats, dips, etc) before reaching the small pavilion where we did 20 step ups to the top of the table. Once all PAX were done, mosey to the corner and sprint to the flag.

Mary ensued with 3 of the 5 PAX getting a chance to pick an exercise before time was up.


-Speedo’s son’s b’day

-Lots of upcoming events in the next month (check Slack for details if you use it)


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Appreciate the opportunity to lead and nice to have an out-of-towner join us and share how things are going in the DC area F3 region. Good luck to your son the rest of the baseball tourney, Cold Cuts. Come on back down to GA if you’re interested in another Brownie beatdown!

Brownie out!

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