it’s stupid and contagious

AO: Nirvana

When: 07/16/2022

QIC: Dosido

PAX (8): Dosido, Groundhog, Nacho Libre, No-See-Um, Pinkey, Sprocket, turkey, Tank


On the home stretch of the pre-ruck w/No-see-um, I was excited to see 6 other faces ready to go despite a piss poor HC’ing the night before. Oh well, something to work on for the future I guess. No-see-um and I then empty our vehicles of cinders, extra rucks, and sandbags and line them up near the start…

Quick disclaimer, and off we go, the scary items will have to wait a moment while we warm up


Mosey to the cozey nook beside NWMS, circle up, IC 18reps of SSH, MTN climber, Plank Jack, IC 10reps Merkans, finish with 7 burpees oyo. Mosey back to the lot and all the F3 junkie paraphernalia…

The Thang:

Told to choose by sight only, no touching, whatever the PAX grabbed was their’s to deal with for the first evolution. Some chose cinders, some chose Rucksacks with untold weight, and others chose mystery sandbags. Satisfied with their choices (or not, I really didn’t care) we brought them a few feet closer to the edge of the island.

10 down to 1, with a lap after each number

10 merkan deadlifts with your item; run a lap around the island

9 merkan dealifts, run the lap…

8…and so on, down to 1.

thoroughly sweating we take our items a few feet closer to the school for evolution #2

Musical Dora (32min playlist)

For the duration of the song the exercise is performed by A, while B runs to the pole and back, keep switching till the next song. Exercises were as follows: Thrusters, Flutter kicks, Blockees, Curls, Upright rows, Kettlebells, American Hammers (no weight), Overhead press, and finally SSH (no weight)

X-factor: there were two items sitting in the path of the run, if they were there you had to grab one and take it with you. “Wilson” the log, and a 30lb brick bundle.

time was called at the last note of the last song, head back to the flag with all our items



There are always illnesses and pain to pray for it seems. We had several mentioned today, and all were laid before us in prayer. It’s always fun and challenging to lead as QIC in an f3 workout, if you haven’t done it yet, do it! Thank you for the opportunity and I hope it was worth coming out for. Till next time gents,

dosi out

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