Teamwork makes the Dream work

AO: Jericho

When: 07/15/2022

QIC: Valley Girl

PAX (19): BallBoy, Baskins, Benny, cingular, F3_VonTrappe, Hushpuppy, Inseam, jugdish, LifeLock VPN, Lightweight, Mr. Hand, Schneider, Snowman, Spit Valve, Swiper, Valley Girl, Whiz, Zuckerburg/Snorlax, Corndog


Still celebrating Inseam’s birthday, yesterday was the big day, today is just the after-party.



Mosey’d down the big hill to the bottom of the park for Weed pickers, WMH, Imperial Walkers, then we did some Global Warming, shuffling in the Al Gore position while I called out SSH, Burpees

The Thang:

Took an idea from RasberryPi and a BD he did a few weeks ago.  The board of pain was set up at the football field building.  18 exercises, 20 tick marks next to each one.  Do the exercises in any order, and erase a line after each one.  I had the timer set every 5 minutes to run a short lap around the lot, but modified after 2 laps to stay and finish the exercises. At first there was some evading the Wolverines and wheel of Merkins, as expected. And the Mahktar N’ndjia was there until the end as well. But we got it done with about 2 minutes to spare! Team work!

10 Wolverines
3×4 Wheel of Merkins
20 Bobby Hurley
20 Reverse LBC’s
20 Hillbilly squats
25 Donkey Kicks
25 Merkins
40 LBC’s
25 Shoulder Taps (a)
25 Bonnie Blair (a)
40 Flutter Kicks(a)
25 Mtn Climbers(a)
15 Mike Tysons
10 Mahktar N’djai
30 SSH
20 Carolina Dry Docks
30 sec Balls to the wall


Several of the PAX are struggling with parent health issues – prayers out to Swiper, Schneider, Benny, Hush puppy and Dumpster

Convergence with FIA the 6th

Darth Visor 27th

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great teamwork today, seeing a few PAX do some extra hard stuff to clear the board.

Good to see Inseam finally turn 28 after 3 years at 27.   Seriously, it just wouldn’t be the same without that guy!

Thanks Benny for bringing the TV and setting up The Open viewing party after the BD.


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