Know Our Mission (+ Happy B-day WideRight!)

AO: Galaxy

When: 07/14/2022

QIC: Blue

PAX (10): Abacus (Mark Green), Compost, Jorts, LiMu, Skol, So So Def, Steamer, Tweaker, Wideright


Disclaimer issued.


15 SSH

15 HillBillys

10 Cotton Pickers

The Thang:

Mosey to the lower stairs.

Ladders & Bunnies

Divide into teams, select a coupon approximately the size of Tweaker’s head.

Team 1: Murderbunny up the hill, Cusack down the stairs

Team 2: Ladders x6

  • Round 1: icky shuffle
  • Round 2: In outs
  • Round 2: Vertical Shuffle

Stay with your team–when PAX on the ladder finishes, assume plank position.  When all ladder PAX  are done, swap places with the murder bunny team one.

Mosey to lower parking lot.

“Fight for Every Inch” with Battle Ropes

  • normal
  • high knees
  • bear crawl
  • Bernies

Burpee Quiz

All PAX stand on one line.

PAX who are able to recite the F3 Mission from memory take 3 steps forward and face the line.

Ask random PAX to recite F3 Mission.  If they can, join the second line.  If not, all Pax do a burpee.

Repeat until all Pax can recite, adding a burpee with each failed recitation (we went up to 10 burpees).

Put ropes in buckets

Mosey to flag.





Special intentions for AFLAC and GMonkey, who recently lost their fathers.

Other intentions from our PAX (I confess I have forgotten)


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Celebrated our brother @WideRight’s 47th birthday with coffee and Donuts.  WR is a true #HighImpactMan, who lives his faith and inspires us all with his servant-leadership.  It is truly an honor to work out with him.

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