Good News and Bad news

AO: Boneyard

When: 07/15/2022

QIC: Speedo

PAX (7): FannyPack, Mater, RaspberryPi, Speedo, Stroller, Zohan, Brownie


Q sheet was empty so I put out the word to see who would step up.  Crickets.  So, I put out a teaser saying I had good news and bad news.  That got Stroller’s attention who posted a ‘waiting’ gif.  I announced that the good news was that we had a Q for Friday but told them they would have to post to learn the bad news.

Stroller’s car was there when I arrived, and others started rolling in as we neared 5:30.  The secret got out that I was taking the Q and the bad news was I kinda sorta didn’t have a plan but we would persevere and figure it out.

A subpar disclaimer was given, and we were off.


With some tunes in tow, we started a mosey, stopping at almost every bench for an exercise.  First bench was 10 merkins, then 10 squats, then 10 SSH, 10 hillbillies, 10 weed pickers and maybe one more thing…all with mosey in between.  We were reminded just how many benches there are in this park.

The Thang:

We arrived at the hill next to the bocce ball courts.  A quick set of 7’s on the hill with BBSUs at the top and burpees at the bottom.

Continuing our mosey-to-a-bench cadence we did four stops with 25 merkins at each (regular, wide, stagger left, stagger right).  In between the merkins we stopped and did 10 sumo squats with mosey in between).  Total was 100 merkins, 40 sumos plus some mosey.

This put us at the bottom of the stairs by the pond.  Another set of 7’s…lunges (alpha) at the top and monkey humpers at the bottom.  My ingenious plan to split up the group to avoid crowding on the stairs was solid for about the first 30 seconds then it was bedlam and every man for himself.  We finished on top with monkey humpers for the six.

Mosey to the lacrosse pitch for some 6-corners ab work.  Starting on the sideline at the midfield line, pax were to run to each corner and perform 20 LBCs.  The two extra ‘corners’ were the midfield line so a total of 6 stops x 20 LBCs = 120 total.  The first three gazelles who arrived at each corner switched to BBSUs to keep us closer together.

Rinse and repeat going the opposite direction…this time with V-ups (or some version of such).  Gazelles did the BBSUs again until we figured out V-ups are harder (even when done incorrectly) so we all did V-ups.  6 stops x 20 v-ups = 120 total.

With just a few minutes remaining we lined up on the center field line and PAX were told they had to beat YHC in a sprint to the end line or there would be a five-burpee penalty.  The first time I was ahead of a few guys but they turned on the jets at the end.  We did it again, this time back to the midline and I was able to beat a few guys so we all enjoyed 5 burpees.  Third time we ran back to the end line, and it was close but no burpee penalty.  Final time was a full field run and YHC was just trying to not throw up.  No burpees that time either.  75% run back to the midfield line then back to the flag for some mary until time was called.


Several special events coming up later in July and August.  Check Slack for details.

We welcomed Zohan back from his trip to Israel and he was thankful for being back with us.  Prayers for his two sons who are still in Israel with relatives.  Prayers for travel mercies for Fanny Pack’s family as they head out on vacation next week.  Prayers for Mater and his M as she travels for business next week.  Prayers for all those who are traveling, injured or otherwise unable to join us.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I appreciate you guys going with the flow this morning.  I was gassed at the end and am thankful we could get after it together.  Let’s get the Boneyard Q sheet filled up!

–Speedo out

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