The Back

AO: The Wreck

When: 07/13/2022

QIC: Bear

PAX (14): aflac, Backside, Beans, Bear, Blue, Boomstick, Cheeks, Choo Choo, Circus, Cliff - Chris Noto, Matt Shields-Norm, rip, Shrink, Squeegee


I was honored to fill in for Grease Monkey while he was away at his dad’s service. We are thinking about you and the other PAX who have lost people close to them.


Toy soldier, buttkicks, high knees, phelps, arm circles while we walked up the main rd hill near the flag.

The Thang:

mosey to playground. Count / separate into 3 groups.

1st group – shrugs

2nd group – bent over rows

3rd group – pullups (10-20 steady good form) and then rotate. Pull up group triggers the rotation.

Repeat 3x

Grab coupon and head to hill.

Romanian deadlifts at bottom with coupon (10-20 good form), run to top of hill, 50 dying cockroaches. 3 x

Curls at bottom (10-20), run backwards to top, 50 j los at top. 3x

Skull crushers (10-20) at bottom, run to top of hill, 50 peter parkers at top. 3x

Drop coupons and head back to flag.

A couple of mary exercises at flag before time called.


Thanks for sharing about your dad’s passing AFLAC. Our hearts are with you.

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