2 for the Price of 1: You Get What You Pay For

AO: Starting Line

When: 07/13/2022

QIC: Janeway

PAX (4): Dunshire, Janeway, Script Kiddie, Sirmixalot


I was once again charged by Admiral Kiddie to “show us how other regions accelerate” due to my recent two posts to F3 Low Country – The Anchor along the wharf in Beaufort, SC.  Condensing highlights from 1 hour, 45 minutes of BD at The Anchor into a 45 minute BD at Starting Line, with different lays of the land, was an arduous task at best… but I tried.


Disclaimer given that some of the coming exercises have different names than the ones we use; some of the coming exercises “we don’t do it that way here”; and some of the exercises were done the day before at Fire House (bad luck of the draw); my concern was to “do it they way they [The Anchor] did it when I visited, and thus we commenced at the flag, in cadence:

10  Thru the Tunnel (AKA Weed Pickers)
25  SSHs
10  Alternating Toy Soldiers (arms straight out, kick opposite hand, ALPHA count)
10  4 count Windmills
10  4 count Air Chair Arm Circles (Sun Gods) holding bricks in each hand

The Thang:

We moseyed from the flag to the Kids Playground for…

STATION 1: “Chain Addiction” (2 sets OYO)
10 Chain Merkins
** This proved much harder at Starting Line, as the only chains available to us were vertical chains on the swing set holding the seat of the swing, while The Anchor had extremely thick horizontal chains onto which to grab to do your Merkins (the chains would sway forward and back if you did not do the Merkins perfectly perpendicular with the chain).  YHC found that the best way to do a Chain Merkin using the swings at our park was placing your hands on the middle of the seat of the swing and doing Diamond Merkins rather than trying to hold on to the chain).**
10 Step Ups (ALPHA count)

TRANSITION 1: “Run Forest Run”
Moseyed to light pole closest to Tee Pad 1 for the new Disc Golf course in the Park and essentially did a “Chain of Pearls”, kinda in cadence:
10 Box Cutters

Run to next light pole
15 Star Jacks
     Combo of SSH & Squat Jump: from balled up squat
position JUMP UP & spread arms & legs FULLY into an X
then return to balled up squat position
      Run to next light pole
10 Carolina Dry Docks
Run to next light pole
15 Kick ups (vertical donkey kicks)

STATION 2: “The Stage” AKA “The Spot” (ABS workout, mostly in cadence)
10 Crunchy Frogs… but NOT the way we do it:
      V-like sitting position (not on your back), wrap legs with arms.
Quickly open up by moving arms out to sides
and extending legs out in front. Bring them back in.

15 LBCs
15 Pretzel LBCs
      Sit w/ legs bent, heels on the ground. Lift left leg
& put left foot on right knee. Put left arm out straight
& right arm bent behind your head.
Bring right elbow to left knee to crunch, then back down.
Switch to other leg and repeat.

10 V-Ups (not Y-Ups)
Did a bunch of Monkey Humpers just to finish out the song, which I don’t think anyone was listening to anyway since Script Kiddie most of the BD had the volume set to nearly ZERO, like Ace Ventura’s alarm clock’s volume was set to ZERO this morning.

TRANSITION 2: “Lunge Forest Lunge”
Essentially continued “Chain of Pearls” at light poles, kinda in cadence:
4 Pocket Watches (AKA Around the World Merkins, etc., etc., etc.) OYO – 16 Merkins total
15 Imperial Squat Walkers
10 Happy Jacks (4 SSHs followed by quick merkin then jump up to for 4 more SSHs – 10 sets)
This is a way to incorporate essentially a Burpee without getting the complain you
incorporated burpees)

15 Freddy Mercuries

STATION 3: “Field of Dreams” (2 rounds)
Gathered in the epicenter of field inside the shorter walking loop.  Explained the three turns in the loop were the points of our star (or Mercedes emblem, as one PAX noted).  Ran together to:
Point 1: 15 Squats
Point 2: 15 Bobby Hurleys
Point 3: 15 Smurf Jacks (squat SSHs)
Between each exercise/star point, ran back to the epicenter to pay a toll of 5 Wide Merkins, 5 Uneven Merkins, 5 Diamond Merkins (respectively)

Moseyed back to the Flag for a quick Mary:
15 WW2s
25 American Hammers
And time was called.

** FUN FACT OF THE DAY: When typing in “Merkin” into Microsoft Word in preparation for this Q, Word underlined “Merkin” like it was an error.  Expecting the error to be a “misspelling”, I right clicked over “Merkin” to add it to my Word dictionary and get rid of the nuisance line.  But rather than stating Merkin was a spelling error, when I right clicked, MS Word stated, “This word may be offensive to some of your readers.”  I’m not even going to go there, but my deepest apologies to any and all I’ve offended by making you do Merkins.


Sirmixalot gently encouraged us guard against being like water which always travels downstream to the lowest point and sits there doing nothing.  YHC chipped in then we should be more like trout or salmon or whatever fish swims upstream against the current with must effort to accomplish its mission.  Script Kiddie tagged on “Go Against the Flow” – great 80s Christian slogan and t-shirt YHC used to wear.

Prayed for traveling mercies for many PAX getting ready to hit the road as well as healing for 2.0s needing to endure the pain to arrive a stronger, healthier place.

There was coffee, chit-chat, and off we went to our respective callings.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

This was a tough Q… too much packed into too little time.  Were I a Master Q, I could have pulled it off better, but this is something like my 4th Q.  I’m grateful for the PAX present who strongly supported me in the Q by assuming the cadence count when I was too lost thinking about the exercise to know what number I was on… it reminded me of the truth that we are all members of one body, and each member of the body plays a role in supporting the other members of the body and the functioning of the body as a whole.  I deeply respect the HIM who determined to join with us at Starting Line this morning and their individual and collective encouragement of my personal growth in all areas of life in the past (almost) one year.  Thanks, gents.

Janeway out.

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