Erase the Board

AO: Gladiator

When: 07/12/2022

QIC: RaspberryPi

PAX (9): Cheneral, DREAMER, Hitchcock, Macbeth, Mater, vertigo, Brownie, The Big Short


A rare pleasant cool morning in the Georgia summer was gifted. As the cars slowly rolled in, the flag was planted and a quick disclaimer, we were off.


Gentle Mosey around the starting car park, included butt kickers, high knees and side to sides to get the blood pumping. Circled up and proceeded with:

2x Worlds Greatest Stretch

15x IC SSH

15x IC Mountain Climbers

8x IC Moroccan Nightclub’s (still no idea why it is called this)

8x IC OH Claps

8x IC Steel Claps

The Thang:

Turning left up the hill we briskly moseyed to the Pavilion, where the PAX were greeted with 4 cyder blocks and a white board filled with 16 exercises.

Monkey Humps

Bonnies Blairs (A)


Step Ups (A)


Alligator PU

Run (100 yards – ish)

Farmer Carries

Burpees (x10)




High Plank Shoulder Raise



A. Hammers (A)



Pickle Pounders


Next to each exercises were small lines (roughly about 18-22 lines per exercise). Each line represented 20 Reps unless stated otherwise. Once PAX completed 20 reps of the chosen exercises then 1 line was erased from the White Board. PAX had the choice as to do whatever exercises they see fit to do. The aim of the game was to work together as a group to have a nice clean white board at the end. As we neared towards the end and time was against us, the PAX took it upon themselves to instruct each other do in order to erase the Whiteboard, great to see Teamwork in full flow and Vertigo very eager to lead the ending ‘Pickle Pounders’.


A clean whiteboard with 4 minutes to spare, we moseyed back to the Flag to complete BD.




Prayers for Hitchcock Son (suffering from illness) & Treehuggers family.


Announcement’s – F3 & FIA Convergence 8/6 7am, Wills Park

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead these men and a honor to be a part of the group

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