7 of Diamonds w/ a FIA invasion

AO: Rubicon

When: 07/12/2022

QIC: Lil Hurt

PAX (8): Devito, FannyPack, Groundhog, Irene, Lil Hurt, PitStop, Special K, Wilson (Scott Christopher)


It was a pleasant morning for my first Q in quite some time.  Devito was first on the scene as the flag was planted.  As the rest of the PAX arrived, a quick disclaimer was given, and off we went for a very short mosey to the pool parking lot.


10* SSH

10* Imperial Walkers

10* Weed Pickers

10* Wind Mills

Arm Circles and COVID’s OYO

Moseyed to the FOD.

The Thang:

First up, The Dirty Mac Deuce;

4 sets of 3 exercises done to 12 count reps.  Each set has one chest exercise (Mercans), one leg exercise (Squats), and one core exercise (plan jacks).  After each set of 3 exercises, we ran out to center field and back to home plate.

Next up, the main event…7 of Diamonds;

Performed on the infield of the FOD, performing said exercise at each base, then increasing the reps by 7 until Round 4 @ 28 reps.  Then come back down the elevator to finish where we started;

Round 1; 7 burpees

Round 2; 14 flutter kicks

Round 3; 21 shoulder taps

Round 4; 28 squats

Round 5; 21 shoulder taps

Round 6; 14 flutter kicks

Round 7; 7 burpees

With plenty of time left, we moseyed to the flower beds/concession stand for the last station.  We continued our theme of 4 sets of 3 exercises @ 12 reps per;

*12 step ups

*12 dips

*12 dercans

With about 8 minutes remaining, we moseyed back to the flag and circled up for some Mary.  I started us off with LBC’s, and we went around the bend where each PAX called out an exercise and subsequent cadence.  We made it all the way around and were saved by the bell right at time.


Prayers to Groundhog and Devito’s family for a full recovery from injury and health related issues.

Announcements; F3 & FIA Convergence on Saturday 8/6 @ 7am @ Rubicon.  Big props to Pitstop for being our Rubicon Ambassador and Concierge to the FIA Nantan who arrived post beatdown the get the lay of the land of the park.  Well done sir! We hope you got her number;-)

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead such a fine group of HIM and an honor to be part of F3.  Cheers fellas, until next time!

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