Cool temps for a Core day

AO: The Wreck

When: 07/11/2022

QIC: Juul

PAX (18): aflac, Bear, Cheeks, Cutie, Donor, Juul, Matt Shields-Norm, Meltdown, Raider, Sell-out, Shrink, Squeegee, Tubbs, Vanilla, Whiff, Windex, Beans, Headrush


Some mumblechatter about gloves or no gloves. YHC said you might want them, but wouldn’t need them. And we were off.


Mosey over to the field parking lot for some:

  • SSH x15
  • Windmills x10
  • Hilbillies x10
  • Weedpickers x10

Grab a medium sized coupon, and then mosey over to the football field.

Side note – coupons at the wreck seemed to have disappeared. Mother nature might have recaptured them with a lot of the heavy rains. There are tons of small ones, and then some very large ones. Medium is a long search.

The Thang:

Line up on the goal line with your coupon. Perform the workout down the field to the far goal line, and then the return workout back to the original goal line.

1st round:

  • Down – Overhead carry the coupon. At the first 10 yard line do one V-up. Back up and overhead carry to the 20 yard line, do 2 V-ups. Etc. Never put the coupon down.
  • Back – Hopping sideways holding the coupon, switching directions every 10 yards. At the goal line do 10 hand-release merkins. Mary for the 6.

2nd round:

  • Down – overhead carry the coupon. At the first 10 yard line do one big boy with an inclined press. 2 at the 20, 3 at the 30, etc. Never put the coupon down.
  • Back – Same as above – side hops, 10 hand release merkins, mary.

3rd round:

  • Down – Overhead carry, 5x curls at every 10 yards.
  • Back – same as the above “backs”

4th round:

  • Down – Overhead carry, at the first 10 yard line do one big boy and a full american hammer. Overhead carry and at the 20 do 2, 30 do 3, etc.
  • Back – same as all the above backs

5th round:

  • Down – shortened this round for time. Overhead carry and every 10 yards do 10x curls. Stop at the 50

Mosey to return coupons and then hustle back to the flag


Prayers for Grease Monkey and Windex who are both dealing with the recent loss of their fathers. Reach out to them to show some support this week.

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