Getting Stronger TOGETHER

AO: Brimstone

When: 07/08/2022

QIC: Foley

PAX (5): Blue, Boomstick, Chubbs, Circus


Nobody signed up for Q, so everybody pitched in for a “Group Q
Disclaimer issued.


15 Side straddle hops

15 Cotton pickers

15 Hill Billy

The Thang:

Blue Q:

Grab a medium rock, Cusack to the Horseshoe Hill.

6 Murder-Bunnys up the hill

Cusack the rock back to where it belongs

Foley Q:

Grab a medium rock, Pair up.

Partner 1 does ground work, Partner 2 Cusacks the rock around the far island and back.

Ground work: LBC, ShoulderTaps, BigBoys, Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts

Return the Rock

Circus Q:

Mosey to the Playground

1x set of 5 station rotation: Box jumps, Dips, Big Boys, Swing pull ups, Merkins x 25

Then, all 5 PAX did each station together as one team

Foley Q:

Mosey to end of parking lot.

1 PAX sprints to top of parking lot, while the rest do: JumpSquats, Bonnie Blairs, etc.

Chubbs Q:

Mosey to flag

Mary to the 7:15


Special request for our brother, G Monkey, who founded Brimstone.  We lifted him up to be the man his family needs, and to exhibit the strength needed to be the man whom the entire family depends on during this time of sorrow.

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