Continued 4th of July Celebration!

AO: Windjammer

When: 07/08/2022

QIC: Dr. Rico

PAX (10): Caroline, Cookie, Cox, Funyun, Milli Vanilli, Townie, Uga, Wilson, Irene


YHC was supposed to Q the day after the 4th of July…but couldn’t.  So we continued the 4th of July Celebration on Friday!

Thankfully False Start wasn’t in attendance today


Remember the good ol days when we started at 6:00?  That was pretty great.  Anyway we started at 5:30 today with a quick mosey over to The Windjammer Damn and did some:

  • SSH
  • Hillbillies
  • Weedpickers

The Thang:

Next we moseyed on back to the beginning of the parking lot for a little friendly American competition.  We split into two teams and ran to the start of the Windjammer road.  At each stoplight we stopped and did 13 merkins (or americans as Surely calls them) and then 50 American Hammers at the next light and so on.  Down the road and back.  Team 1 claims to have done everything on the up and up, and finished before Team 2.

Now it wouldn’t be a 4th of July celebration without fireworks would it?  So we moseyed back over to the damn and grabbed some ‘wife impressing’ rocks.  And wouldn’t you know it, YHC found some sparklers hidden in the bushes! What a coincidence.

So we all gathered around and one of the PAX called out an exercise, lit the sparkler, and then we all did the exercise until the sparkler burnt out.  Since Team 1 won the first battle they got to choose the exercises first.  After 5 sparklers and exercises from Team 1 we went and took ‘Bunker Hill’ two times.  Next Team 2 led 5 sparklers and exercises (including one round our Rockees curtesy of Cookie…ouch) and we then took Bunker Hill another two times (one time we did it backwards…which was just a bad idea).

Then back to the flag!


We got a downrange report from Cox.  He had some great F3 moments across the country in Seattle.  Unfortunately, while out there his wife had a medical issue.  Prayers for Anna.

Blood drive coming up

Please help reimburse Cookie for the recent NLB beatdown

2.0 workout coming up in August at Rubicon

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Afterward we had some coffeeteria where we all shared one thing we were grateful for about living in the USA.  Though we are divided there are many things that still unite us and it was a great conversation!

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