In the Still of the Night

AO: Windjammer

When: 07/06/2022

QIC: Q By Committee

PAX (5): Caroline, Funyun, Milli Vanilli, NRA, Townie


Our Q was returned to us (without a receipt) yesterday so after very little back and forth a Q by Committee was established courtesy of Townie and NRA.  YHC was on for Round 3, but it wasn’t needed so here I am doing the Back Blast.

Plenty of disclaimers per Windjammer style and we’re off to Warm-O-Rama.

PS….it’s also hot.  Muggy.  And there is silence.  No waterslide running at the pool.


No Wind.


Townie led us off with a few of the following:



Imperial Walker

Arm Circles

and of course, just a few covids to loosen things up.

The Thang:

Thang 1 as led by Townie took us over to the Boat Launch where he kicked off a blended Dora mixed with a little Four Corners Action.

Pair up.  1-1 and 2-1…here we go.

Corner 1 – 100 Merkins

Corner 2 – 100 Stair Climbers

Corner 3 – American Hammers (alpha count)

Corner 4 – Squats

A bit of mumblechatter focused primarily on how muggy it was.  PAX be sweatin’

One Thang 1 wrapped, NRA took the mic and led us back to the Windjammer Parking Lot

Thang 2….keeping with NRA’s daughter and her 11th birthday week theme, here come the 11’s.

WonderBras & Dying Cockroaches….

At this point, Caroline chimed in and made note of the rather interesting names we have for F3 workout.  He’s not wrong….

The timing of Thang 1 and Thang 2 worked out quite well because as we wrapped up the 11’s that’s time so let’s go back to the Flag.




Praise to the F3 brothers (and M’s) who ran the Windward 5k…..collectively, our group had a pretty strong showing with Brutus taking 1st in his group and Cookie taking 4th overall.

Well done!

We got a quick update on Cox’s M and we’re all wishing her a speedy recovery.

YHC closed us out with a quick prayer, thinking about those in Highland Park and all who may need that extra push, support…whatever it may be.

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