It’s a “Beary” Good Day for a BD BD

AO: Badapple

When: 07/01/2022

QIC: The Real Woody

PAX (7): goat, Goose, Sprocket, The_OG Zima, TheBurn, Thud


Having been off the grid on vacation for the actual birthdate, YHC chose a week later to celebrate with his favorite PAX.  It was a cause for celebration…maybe because Rusty was MIA?  Regardless, it was a beautiful morning to return to the gloom and turn up the intensity.  In preparation, it was decided to forgo songs from the birth year and just pick some of the hardest hitting BD songs that would motivate the PAX.


Sun Gods

SSH (12)

Hillbillies (12)

MTN Climbers (12)

Stay in position and OYO – 48 Merkins

Flip and do 48 LBCs

Grab coupon and head to pull up bars…


The Thang:

4 rounds of 12 reps (4 x 12 =48 for those UGA alums)

12 pullups

12 squats with coupon

12 bus drivers with coupon

Bear Crawl to the Situp station (~100 yards down a gravel path)

12 Incline BBSUs

Run back for the rinse and repeat.

Instructions to modify were given that if PAX wanted to do more rounds and less bear crawling, they could.  What the QIC “forgot” to mention was that for every round they skipped by rinsing with the bear crawls, they would have to do that number x 12 in burpees.  Oops…

While there were groans, they forgave YHC for his “aging memory” and they pushed through to complete the circuit.

Props to Sprocket and the QIC for doing all 4 bear crawl sequences…which is why YHC had to find someone to type the Backblast on his behalf…

Next up was a planned 1 mile run (modified to 1/2 mile), with a stopping point to circle up and do:

48 Merkins (Goat – “Are these full merkins or 1/2 Merkins Woody?”  Was that a slight for YHC’s long arms vs. his TRex appendages?)

Keep running….Circle up and do:

48 Monkey Humpers for all of the world to see…

Sprint back to the flag so that the BD would end on time.


Praise for TheBurn’s non-profit success and impact due in part to Honorary F3 Pax, Bernie Marcus (“Spud Wrench”) for his continued commitment to the cause. Prayers for our PAX who are traveling during the Holidays, and announcements of upcoming BD for the Holiday Weekend.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a privilege to lead the men of Bad Apple and make Goat cry.  Love that guy…Doesn’t it show???  Happy 4th of July, and big TClaps for TheBurn and his M for bringing pastries and iced coffee to celebrate.  Much appreciated.

Woody, out.

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