A rocky flight to Israel

AO: Widowmaker

When: 06/25/2022

QIC: Zohan

PAX (12): Angus, Boomer, DREAMER, Feathers, Funyun, Pepsi, Speedo, YouTube, Zohan, Aorta [downrange], Tater Tots, Slash


Tomorrow I’m flying to Israel for 2.5 weeks. I’ll be missing my F3 brothers and wanted to take them on a trip with me.


Revised disclaimer, welcoming the PAX to flight WM01 to Israel. This is your Qaptain. Bla bla bla.

Mosey in the parking lot. Stopping to direct airplanes on the tarmac with SSH and Windmills.

Mosey to the coupon pile, asking PAX to pick up 2 fist-size coupons. Funyun was shopping for coupons as if he’s looking for bargains in TJ Max. With the coupons we did Eagle Wings to offer the plane a boost. Same as Bat Wings but sucks more. Keep your hands at shoulder level at all times for 20 IC FW Arm Circles, 20 IC BW Arm circles, 20 Seal Claps (actually 19 cause YHC messed up the count) and 20 Overhead Claps.

Next we had to take all the luggage off the plane. We switched our small coupons with a medium-sized one for 20 Shoulder Press, 15 Thrusters and 10 Blockees. The plan to run around the parking lot was ditched due to high volume of cars.

The Thang:

First stop – The Beach in Tel Aviv

YHC selected the perfect beach, but alas – it was not available due to kids’ soccer. We moseyed to what YHC thought would be the 2nd best beach but likely was way farther down the line. 11s between the sand and the water. On the sandy part we did 4 count Merkins (so 20, 18, 16…) and in the water part 4 count Flatter Kicks. Surprisingly, the water were on a higher elevation compared to the sand. Very unusual. We also lacked the beautiful woman one would expect to find at the beach. Instead we had a bunch of sweaty guys running back and forth for no apparent reason. no visible Bikinis anywhere. Only one Speedo.


Second Stop РMasada 

Famed for the fortress at the top and the long climb to it, we moseyed to the bottom of the stairs. I haven’t been to Masada in ages and forgot how people usually climb up. Someone mentioned an air car. We had wheelbarrows. Partner up – Wheelbarrow up the stairs (modify to bear crawl if needed), run to the pavilion and do 30 single step ups. Go back down and switch the Wheelbarrows. 30 more Step ups. The gazelles enjoyed a round or two of bunny hops up the stairs for the 6.


Third Stop – Jerusalem

We were very close to Jerusalem and the holy wall, but YHC called and audible and we waived goodbye as we moseyed to the next station instead.


Fourth Stop – Jericho

While the place looked REALLY familiar and highly resembled the water at the beach in Tel Aviv, YHC promised we’re really in Jericho and it’s up to us to bring down the walls.

7 exercises, 7 reps each, run a lap around the building – do that 7 times.

Hand Release Merkins, Bonnie Blairs (alpha), Big Boy Situps, Heels to Heaven, J-Los, Squats and Monkey Humpers.

Time was running short. Some PAX finished all 7 rounds, some (like YHC) only 6. We were able to crack the walls but not take it all the way down. Might be because some PAX found the whole experience religiously stimulating and took a moment to pray. Mostly for 8am and that we’ll be done.

Happy with the trip we went back for the airport for a quick round of Mountain Climbers, and that was that.


Prayers for Cox’s wife Anna and her health.

Need support for the Widowmaker Q signup.

Upcoming F3+FIA convergence in August.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

As I was sitting with the men at Bagel Boys I got a text that my flight was cancelled. Huge scare! Appreciate the prayers. We were able to sort it out and scheduled a new connection flight, without changes to the main flight. Crossing fingers that would hold.

I plan, and hope, to enjoy the time in Israel. Will be missing y’all in the mornings. I’m likely to remain somewhat active but it’s not the same. Waking up 4-5 days a week, working out with you, joking, sweating, sharing – means the world to me.

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