The Day The Wreck Died

AO: The Wreck

When: 06/20/2022

QIC: aflac

PAX (14): Bear, Bieber, Caffeine, Choo Choo, Cutie, Donor, Matt Shields-Norm, Moonshine, Shrink, Sprocket, Tubbs, Windex, Yankee


As YHC was planning his B-day Q on the return trip from a LAX tourney in PA, little did he know that his beatdown could signal the beginning of the end for The Wreck.  It all started out so well – Q arrived to the attendance of old man Sprocket, who showered us with his presence for the special day (and to prove that he can still keep up with QIC on his birthday).  Things would go downhill from there – read on for details.


Slow mosey up the main road toward the large parking lot by the turf fields for the following warm-ups:

  • Abe Vigodas
  • Slow Squats
  • Slow Merkins

As PAX approached the normal warm-up area, the stench of hot garbage become thick enough that Q seriously considered an audible.  Perhaps this was an omen and sign that plans should be changed.  Nonetheless, Q pressed on.

The Thang:

With that ominous decision in the mirror, Q directed PAX to count off by two’s and split into teams.  He also directed PAX to fetch a lifting coupon for someone else – this was to encourage some bravery in selection, which worked out fairly well.  All PAX gathered at the center of the parking lot where the following instructions were given.

  • The objective for each team would be to push as many coupons towards the opposing teams end-zone, starting from the center.
  • Each PAX would start at the center, and push coupon along the ground as far as they could, then perform 15 reps of any exercise that involved the coupon (curls, overhead press, rows, etc).
  • PAX would then leave the coupon, run to the opposing end-zone (if they weren’t there already) and back to their home end-zone to perform 3 Burpees.
  • After completing Burpees, find the nearest coupon left by another PAX and start pushing toward the opposing end-zone again.  If no coupons were left at the end-zone, PAX could find the nearest opposing PAX and “steal” their coupon.
  • Rinse/repeat this pattern until Q called for recovery, at which time a winning team would be declared (whomever had the least number of coupons on their end of the field).

YHC queued-up some birthday favorites for audible accompaniment, and things were going swimmingly right up to the point where a park maintenance worker drove down to save us from the stench of hot garbage.  After witnessing the (apparent) carnage that PAX were inflicting on the parking lot, our friendly neighborhood park ranger informed us that his boss was incandescent the last time he saw the outcome of our idiocy.  Apparently, coupon pushes are not friendly to blacktop sealant, and it was suggested that we might want to refrain from this activity going forward should we desire to stay in the good graces of the City.  His timing was impeccable as well, as Q was about to call it a day.  Q apologized profusely while blaming the entire thing on our new Site Q before directing PAX back to the flag

Note to PAX going forward – we probably should refrain from any activities that involve pushing/dragging coupons across sealed pavement (or turf, for that matter).


  • Prayers for GMonkey’s dad & Sell-out’s brother-in-law.
  • 6/25  – F3 Roz cooking contest at Roswell General
  • 7/3 – Annual Crabtree event at The Wreck

AFLAC out.

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