Oh, it was memorable all right……

AO: Meathouse

When: 06/14/2022

QIC: Dinghy

PAX (7): Angus, Boomer, Feathers, McCracken, Popper, Mayberry (DR from Knoxville)


Oxford’s dictionary defines hubris as “excessive pride or self-confidence”. Thus was the lesson YHC learned when indicating that today’s BD would be memorable. It all started with a little bit of the good banter that is well-appreciated (whether on Slack or in the middle of a beatdown). Evidently, YHC’s VQ for Meathouse wasn’t remembered – ouch – so now was the opportunity to make some memories. However, despite significant preparation, a key element to any beatdown at the Meathouse was missing from the Q’s own person: His Ruck! Thus, tail between his legs, YHC had to sheepishly proceed through the beatdown, no ruck. However, as always, the show went on…..


10 of each of the following:



Moroccan night clubs


Farmers carry blocks to the theatre’s back parking lot

The Thang:

A. BOMBS in a 4-corners format, (1) exercise per corner, starting at reps of 5 and working up by 5 at each station (up to 25), then back down by 5. Zamperini block carry corner to corner, rinse and repeat. Exercises included: 4-count Bodybuilders, Overhead presses, Merkins, Bent rows, squats

B. Farmers carry to bottom of parking deck ramp. Conducted same number of reps for 3 exercises, farmers carry to the top for the next set; started at 20 reps, moving DOWN by 5. Exercises included: Kettlebell swings, power cleans, squat thrusters.

C. Hand release merkins, holding superman in the down position; done in cadence to “Bring Sally Up”

D. Mary: Box Cutters, Heels to Heaven, Big Boys, Freddie Mercuries, Dying Cockroaches, Pickle Pointers


Pax are invited to reach out to Dipstick to serve as the Johns Creek Q for the upcoming blood drive in July. Please consider this as an opportunity to lead.

Date for the next Q and BBQ at The Bound is forthcoming. Will be late July, but an opportunity to serve.

Prayers for travel mercies for PAX/families on vacation or business; also, prayers for Popper’s co-worker who is potentially at going to need new employment.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Today’s less in humility was another reason to be grateful to lead. It was a memorable BD, all right, but less so for the physical than for the mental test. Thank you all again for the privilege of leading and the patience!

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