Return of the Kings

AO: The Storm

When: 06/11/2022

QIC: Ace Ventura

PAX (8): Ace Ventura, Deuce (Jay Mooney), déjà vu, Inseam, McDuff, Snowman, Swiper, Valley Girl


YHC showed up for pre run worried about his sloth like behavior over the past few weeks. Was pushed by the PAX (especially Deuce) to not give up and very satisfied with the results. 7 PAX did the pre run.


There was an excitement in the air! The return of not one, but TWO PAX we haven’t seen in a while. I seams first Storm since passing the flag six months ago. Additionally we got the return of McDuff!


Ruck up the parking deck and did a short warm up:

weed pickers


Willie Mays Hayes


The Thang:

After warm up we did a quick run down of the Q Source chapter on Persuasion. It all boiled down to one simple concept: Persuasion is not done by chicanery or authoritarian means. If it’s not of the volition of the person you’re persuading, you are not leading them. Basically a big F#&@ you to communism (‘Merica!).


We then rucked for 45 minutes. Had a great conversation about the Q Source topic, cancel culture, and snippets from our personal lives.


Did prayers and announcements.

Tonight is a second F, and on 6/25 a cornhole tournament for Mentor Me.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

We had coffee after to continue the great fellowship. On a note of personal privilege, is obviously always an honor to lead a workout with F3, but it was especially nice this morning to lead when two familiar faces return back to the Gloom.


Post script:

Original BB title was going to be “Inseam and McDuff finally sack up”, but thought that might be too racy for our public image.

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