Look what a C note will get you

AO: Widowmaker

When: 06/11/2022

QIC: Speedo

PAX (6): Morphine, Skip-pe, Speedo, Stu, YouTube, Zohan


This was a long week for me.  No particular reason…just busy like most of us.  I subtly tried to get out of the pre-ruck but Zohan HC’d and that was that.  After seeing a few F3 pre-runners gearing up, we ‘powered’ through a fast ruck and moseyed into the parking lot a few minutes before 7 am where an assortment of pax were stretching.  A welcome and disclaimer were given, and we were off.


Mosey up the parking lot stairs and then to the concession stand by the baseball fields for:

  • Weed pickers IC x10
  • Hillbillies IC x10
  • Michael Phelps OYO
  • SSH x10
  • Copperhead squats x10

The Thang:

With Cox’s foreshadowing in Slack about undescended testicles, we each found some concession stand wall where the QIC described the next exercise…the ascending testicles.  Starting with feet on the wall at about 20 degrees and perform 10 derkins.  Move the feet up to about 45 degrees and perform 10 more derkins.  Move to a full BTTW position and, if you are so led, perform 10 more derkins or just hold that position.  Plans to rinse and repeat were quickly scrapped after about 4 seconds.

As we started to mosey toward the next activity we realized we had lost YouTube.  I’m still not sure where he went but we ran back to the concession stand where he was standing with a sno-cone and a corn dog.  We decided to roll with it but had to stop to take out our first withdrawal using the ATM:

  • Alternating shoulder taps x10 IC
  • Tempo merkins x10 IC
  • Regular merkins x10 IC

Mosey to the pitch.  Starting at the end line PAX were instructed to lunge walk to the center line.  Once we were all at the center line, PAX were instructed to broad jump to the other end line.  Fun!  Once there we turned around and moseyed back to the center line then bear crawled to the original end line.  Double fun!  We then moseyed back to the center line.  QIC instructed the PAX we were going to mosey to the end line but every time they heard ‘sprawl’ they had to drop and sprawl with arms and legs out and then quickly get back up.  Unbelievably fun!

After a walking 15 count, we headed for the Widowmaker, stopping at the top for another ATM withdrawal just like the one above.  The reward for the PAX was a trip down the hill where we partnered up for some good old-fashioned Dora.  100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 LBCs.  The partner running alternated between running down the road to the top of the stairs and then up the hill to the end of the guard rail.  Abs were on fire after this, so we headed back up the hill.  The QIC was again out of funds so we stopped at the manhole cover for the A and T part and finished with the M part at the top.

Moseyed to the tennis courts which are no longer used for tennis but instead for pickleball.  No pickles were pounded or pointed but instead, we did a simple round of 11s with big boi sit-ups and monkey humpers.  Once the gazelles finished, we all moseyed back to the flag for a quick set of peter parkers and fire hydrants (which got a few interested stares from the parents at the little girl’s soccer game). Time was called!


GrowRuck is looking for volunteers to help with the event in Cherokee on the weekend of Sep 9-11.  Check with Zohan or watch Slack for details.

F3 Alpha / FiA convergence is in the works for late summer…more to come on that.

Darth Visor CSAUP is in the works for late August.

Prayers for safe travels, for those in pain, and for those unspoken requests on our hearts.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Today marked my 100th beatdown of the year, thus the c note reference in the backblast title and the subtle money reference in the beatdown.  I am eternally grateful for this group because without you guys 100 would have been impossible.  I bring up the number 100 not to draw attention to myself but rather to encourage all of you.  I’m not saying you need to do what I do or be on the same pace as me.  Many of you run, swim, bike, and hike much more than I do.  But I do want to encourage you guys to keep pushing, take care of your bodies with good diets and sleep, and reward yourself with rest when your body is telling you to rest.

I don’t know what the rest of this year will look like but I know that if I surround myself with you men it’ll be much better.  Let’s keep EH’ing the guys around us and keep pushing each other, encouraging each other, and bringing up the six.

–Speedo out

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