He said the second half was going to be easier…

AO: Starting Line

When: 06/11/2022

QIC: Komrad

PAX (3): Janeway, Komrad, Script Kiddie


Issued standard disclaimer/welcome.


Mosey from the flag to The Spot.  Performed dynamic stretching consisting of arms across the chest, arms behind the head, achilles and calf stretches.

The Thang:

The Thang consited of 2 halfs of beatdown at 22 minutes each, separated by an intermission 5 minute stretch session.

For the first half of the beatdown (22 minutes), PAX performed the Bataan Death March V.2.  This exercise was performed by PAX traveling in a single file line around the large field circle (like an Indian Run).  The last man in the group would break off, run to the center of the circle and perform 5 of an exercise, then rejoin the PAX at the front of the Group.  Each rotation had a seperate “march” and center exercise:

1.) Run – 5 Merkins
2.) Lunges – 5 ww2 situps
3.) Fast walk with hands on head (improved breathing) – 5 squats
4.) Bernie Sanders – 5 Ranger Merkins

PAX completed 3 rounds of the above, with the final round having the PAX at the center cone doing 10 of the designated exercise instead of 5.

For the intermission (5 minutes), PAX performed stretches consisting of arms across the chest, arms behind the head, achilles and calf stretches.

For the second half the beatdown, PAX were to start at the flag and follow the Q though a long running route including stairs.  (It was at this point that one of the PAX, who I won’t share his initials, but called JANEWAY began to complain that the Q pre-BD stated that the 2nd half of the BD would be easier than the first half.)  After the PAX’s completion of the route and return to the flag, they selected an exercise from the Q’s randomized Pain Cups of exercises and performed them cumulatively as a group.  The potential exersices that could have been selected are as follows:

200 squats
150 ranger merkins
150 side straddle hops
150 squat jumps
100 wide merkins
50 burpees
100 ww2 situps

The group randomly drew 200 squats, 150 ranger merkins and 50 burpees.

The final portion was an 8 minute cool down.  This consisted of a 2 minute walk with hands on head for training in improved breathing, and 6 minutes of dynamic stretching consisting of arms across the chest, arms behind the head, achilles stretches, calf stretches, the butterfly stretch, and stretching with incorporated breathing techniques for lowering of the heart rate.



For the Acceleration Point, Janeway shared the well-known wisdom that “they don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” and stated this principle is well-illustrated at F3 beatdowns in that the PAX are willing to follow the QIC because the Q has over time developed trust with the PAX.  Script Kiddie added an accelation point by sharing about the grind stone, and that if you bluntly bang your knife against the stone, it will destroy the knife, but if you attack the grind stone at the correct angle, it will sharpen the knife.   His application was that aspects of life will seek to grind you down, and if you respond wrongly to the grining you will lose your sharp edge, but if you approach the grinding at the right angle, your knife (character, ability to grow, ability to respond and overcome) will be sharpened so that you will overcome the obstacle and succeed in life.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

As always, a great group of PAX willing to step it up when called upon.  It was a priviledge to lead today!

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