Honoring those who sacrificed with a D-Day Beatdown

AO: Rubicon

When: 06/07/2022

QIC: Valley Girl

PAX (12): Cookie, FannyPack, Irene, Isner, jugdish, Morphine, Pinkey, Special K, TO, Untouchable, Valley Girl, Wilson


It’s been a great few weeks of posting at other AO’s, with a couple DR posts in NC and SC, now I had the honor of Leading at Rubicon, where I had yet to post.  After a site inspection earlier in the week, I had a BD ready to go.  I got a late message the night before from my fellow F3 Cumming HIM, Jugdish, who wanted to join me! So we rolled in early, dropped off the board of pain, and headed for the flag.


After a quick disclaimer, which always includes a few giggles when I introduce myself as Valley Girl, we mosey’d on over to the pool parking lot for some WMH, WP, Hillbillies, Good mornings, then capped it off with 21 SSH, stopping the count at 7, and continuing to 21 to see how our silent cadence worked out.  1 or 2 PAX didn’t quite stop at 21, so we did a 5 burpee punishment. Thanks Jugdish.

The Thang:

I went with a D-Day theme today, since yesterday was the anniversary of that incredible day. We did a 4 corners thang using the big parking lot in front of the pool.  DDay is June 6, 2022, so we went with three exercises at each corner, reps of 6, 6, and 22.
1st Round:  6 Burpees, 6 Copperhead Merkins, 22 LBC’s at each corner.
2nd Round: 6 Mike Tyson’s, 6 Hillbilly Squats, 22 Mountain climbers at each corner.
Run the long lengths, run backwards the short lengths.
Is it the humidity?  Man I’m beat already.

Mosey’d to the middle of the baseball fields for thang 2, where I had the board set up.  5 sets of 2 exercises.  Since DDay was in 1944, the rep count was 19 and 44. Do a set, run down to the circle at the end, do 1 wolverine,(cause I can’t do a BD without wolverines) come back and do the next set.

19 Wide Merkins
44 Single Flutter kicks run -Wolverine
19 Dips
44 American Hammers run -Wolverine
19 Step Ups (S)
44 seconds BTTW run -Wolverine
19 Bonnie Blairs (A)
44 Mtn Climbers (S) run -Wolverine
19 Donkey Kicks
44 Freddie Mercury’s run -Wolverine

Stayed there for a set of dips and a set of merkins, both on my count, up and down.  I thoroughly enjoyed all the painful noises during the extended down counts.

Ran back to flag, and finished with my favorite closer, playing “Turn down for what”, with a burpee every time they say the line. Air chair while not doing burpees.  Had 1 minute for flutters and Dolly’s.


Fanny Pack shared his pleasure with the CSAUP ruck last weekend, try to do it next time it comes around.

Get your training in for the GoRuck in September!


Naked-Man Moleskin:

10 months into F3 now and I can’t remember what it was like to not be a part of it, the intensity of the fitness, the comradery of the fellowship.  I love going to new AO’s and putting faces to names you see on slack.  Before F3 I knew we men needed more community and fellowship, but I wasn’t really doing anything about it.  It’s changed me for the better.  Thanks to the HIM of Rubicon for letting me lead today.

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