Finish Him!

AO: Academy

When: 06/07/2022

QIC: Caffey

PAX (4): Caffey, Lefty, lumbergh, MillerTime


Hollywood had the flag, but was going out of town and was looking for a Q. I hesitantly waited to see if anyone would pick it up, as sleep has been minimal lately. After crickets for a bit, I decided to man up and get it done. I was prepared for a solo BD, but the ever faithful Lumbergh and MillerTime showed up in the gloom.


This is Academy, we don’t need no stinking warm up.

The Thang:

I told the PAX we would have around 3 miles of distance before heading to the track and would have pain stations along the way. I also told them that I was doing the curl challenge this month, so we will be ending the run with 80 curls.  With that we were off towards the Wills Park pool. Stops along the way for exercises. First stop is on Wills Drive for 20 burpees.

Continue running to the Wills Park playground for stop #2. Pass some Rubicon guys on the way to head to the pull up bar. 25 pull ups, with YHC having to modify a bit because of a tweaked neck muscle.

Up towards the dog park for stop number three, but I audible and make a stop at the concession stand. 30 Dwight Howards, jumping on your toes and touching the roof line of the concession stand.

Now onto stop number 4 at the top of the circle near the dog park. We need to pick up the reps, so we double it to 60 for squats.

Onto stop number 5 at the Downtown Alpharetta Green. 65 Mercans. We were moving a little fast, so we stopped and did 15 dips on the benches as well.

Next to stop number 7 at the top of the parking garage near Academy. All the way up to the top for 75 ab exercises broken down as follows: 25 flutters (alpha), 25 American hammers (alpha), and 25 gas pumpers.

The final stop on our tour was the rock pile back at the Academy track. Find a rock (and not a snake) for 80 curls.

As we are working through the curls, our good buddy Lefty met us at the track!

Now, we have around 15 minutes left so it’s time for my finishing move (Mortal Kombat reference – “finish him”). To the stadiums, where the over/under is set at 5. Little did the Pax know that 4 trips up and down equals 1.

Up normal/down normal, then skipping step up/down normal, then toe touches leading with right up/down normal, and finally toe touches leading with left up/down normal. End it with a lap around the track and that is one. Rinse and repeat for number 2. With 5 minutes remaining we start number 3. Up sideways leading with the right/down normal, up sideways leading with the left/down normal, up normal/down normal, and finally up skipping step/down normal.

Back to the flag for one quick 30 second round of LBC’s and we are done!



Prayers for Lefty’s ribs and his M’s back procedure, Lumbergh’s continued improvement of his achilles, and my son’s stomach (plus my wife getting sleep). Saturday run for NLB guys in two weeks.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

A last minute BD came together fairly well, and at least left me tired! Good work fellas! Always a pleasure to lead.

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