Indian Run

AO: Grindstone

When: 06/06/2022

QIC: Lightweight

PAX (12): Benny, Birdie, Crab Cake, Inseam, LifeLock VPN, Lightweight, Olaf, SaaSy MoM, Schneider, Snowman, Swiper, FNG - Horndog


We had Lightweight, Lifelock, FNG, Crabcake, Schneider, and Snowman show up for PR. We got a late start to the run because we turned back for two late comers. We got in a little over two miles.


We started with a mosey to the Football field for our warm up with SSH, weed pickers, imperial walkers, sun gods, and reverse sun gods.

The Thang:

The plan was to use the football fields but each one we tried was being worked on. We ended up back at the parking lot where we started.

The workout was a simple plan.

10 Merkins

10 Crunchy Frogs

10 Jump Squats

10 Jlows

Plank for the 6th

Once everyone was done we did an indian run around the parking lot until we got to the last runner. Once the last runner got to the top we stopped and did 4 burpees and did a mosey back to the start.

After 2 rounds Inseam felt there should have been more burpees so we added on one more to each exercise everytime we restarted. I think the end was 7 burpees with a few guys trying to do wall merkin with their balls to the wall.

We ran back to the start and did a round of mary with American Hammers, Swipers move I could not do or remember the name of, pecker in the ground by inseam, and scissors by Schnider.

I think that was it and I’m glad everyone pushed me because I was not prepared for the hurt. lol


We talked about a possible 2ndF on the 10th or 11th. We also talked about remembering all those who are struggling with loss in their lives. We ended with a ball of man and coffee.

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