AO: The Wreck

When: 06/03/2022

QIC: Meltdown

PAX (15): aflac, Catheter, corky, Donor, Foley, Meltdown, Moonshine, rip, Sell-out, Shrink, Sic’em, Switch, Tubbs, Whiff, Yankee


Aflac bought some bigger than normal cinders for the PAX of the Wreck to enjoy, hence Aflac’s Big Cinder (ABC).  And given it had been a while YHC decided it best to bring ’em out so we don’t forget they are around.


Did a warmup lap in the parking lot and then circled up at the usual COT spot for the following:


Weedpickers X10

Toy soldiers X10

Mountain Climbers X10


The Thang:

Partner up, and PAX 1 would run down the path towards the playground, where a well-placed white board called for the following:

5 burpees

10 hr merkins

15 bonnie blairs (DC)

20 stone mountains

25 american hammers (DC)

Pax 1 would start with the first exercise, then on trip 2 would do the first AND second. Each trip would tack on another exercise.

Pax 2 would perform the following with the ABC waiting for Pax 1 to return:

5 curls, 20 jump squats (done multiple times)

5 OHP, 20 mountain climbers

5 skull crushers, 20 SSH

We started at the bottom and went to the top when all Pax had made it down through entire board.

YHC had one more item in mind, so we stopped the reverse board before going all the way through.  We moved 4 of the ABCs over to the end of the parking lot, and had the PAX farmer carry down the lot and back, while we went through LBCs, the Kobe, flutters, and probably another exercise or two I’ve since forgotten over the weekend.

After all PAX got to farmer carry with the ABC, ran the impossible distance back to the COT for some mary.


Prayers for Sellout’s brother-in-law and reminder of the Wreck Anniversary on Monday.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It’s been two years since Juul EH’ed me into coming out and it sure hasn’t gotten any easier. Appreciate the opportunity to lead and get the tough part of the day behind us.

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