There’s Something About Mary

AO: The Storm

When: 06/04/2022

QIC: Dr. Vader / Grogu

PAX (4): Crab Cake, Hushpuppy, Dr. Vader, Grogu


Dr. Vader (age 9) and Grogu (age 7) are 2.0s of YHC, Hushpuppy.  These young PAX have wanted to Q a BD and they got their wish (and came up with 85% of the BD themselves).


Ruck up the parking deck (sprints uphill were involved) to the top for SSH, Willie Mays Hayes, Squats & Imperial Walkers.

The Thang:

Down the stairs from the top of the deck and out to the greenway we went.  Dr. Vader and Grogu took turns leading our path out across the creek, through the gnome village and back to the flag.  From there came their ultimate surprise and idea – YHC retrieved their bicycles and we moseyed, ruck-less, to the greenspace.  Dr. Vader and Grogu instructed us that we were to begin the exercise of their choosing while they rode 1 lap on their bicycles around the greenspace and then they would call out a new exercise each time they rode past.  An extended version of Mary consisted of: Burpees, Merkins, Supermans, Planks, SSH, High Knees, BBSU, Pretzel Sticks, Flutter Kicks, American Hammers and finished up with 50 LBCs.


I encouraged the boys the day prior to think about a “charge” they could give the PAX.  Dr. Vader charged that we should pray to God always, but especially when we need help.  Grogu charged that we should do our best to stay healthy, by eating good foods, exercising and getting good rest.  I’ve told our boys that this is a “Be Better Summer” and we are all striving to simply be better at everything we can – praying and staying focused on good health are some simple ways that we can all be better this summer and beyond.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

While they didn’t quite have the “calls” exactly correct for our exercises, they did put forth effort and thoughtfulness when creating their BD.  Most importantly, we had fun together and they had a chance to “lead the PAX” as they desired to do.  I hope this is but a mere foreshadowing of their eagerness to lead others as they progress year by year, to adulthood.  Top it all off with a patch from “Mr. Crabcake” and we had an excellent morning in the gloom!  They’d like to “Co-Q” again and I’ve signed them up for 7/16/22.

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