Misfortune Teller

AO: Jericho

When: 06/03/2022

QIC: Whiz

PAX (15): 5-Way, Baskins, Benny, Crab Cake, Deuce (Jay Mooney), déjà vu, Hushpuppy, jugdish, Mr. Hand, Napalm, Schneider, Snowman, Valley Girl, Whiz, fiddler (how is he not on slack?!?!?)


10 pre-runners deep…hell to the yes.

YHC loves randomized beatdowns where even I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen and was coming off a 6 hour marathon swim meet the night before looking for an idea of what to Q.  I spot a paper contraption my daughter made and was immediately struck with inspiration and nostalgia of being a little kid.  After a quick assist from the M, I was ready to go.  Also quickly threw together a playlist from my early years of hearing my older brothers constant barrage of 80’s hair bands blasting from his cassette boom box.  This one’s for you Snowman…


Quick disclaimer and mosey to the bottom lot for high knees, weed picker, windmill, Moroccan nightclub in cadence.  YHC feels like skipping SSH for awhile.


The Thang:

reveal the toy that will dictate our beatdown in the form of a paper fortune teller.  The Q will call on random PAX to participate and see what we’ll do.  Pick a color, number, then another number to reveal what the exercise will be.

Did several rounds of 7’s or 5’s (11’s format but with less reps so we had time for more fun)

Round 1 – 7’s with burpees and LBC’s; run loop in between

Round 2 – 5’s with wolverines and burpees; bear crawl width of parking lot in between

Round 3 – 5’s with wolverines and diamond merkins; lunge walk length of parking lot in between

Round 4 – 7’s with e2k (alpha) and jump squats; run length of parking lot in between

No time for mary


prayers for PAX with young kids transitioning into summer schedules.

Jericho charge was to focus on making a difference rather than making a point.  Easier said than done, but one marking of a true HIM working on living 3rd for his family and community.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

YHC was curious to see how quickly the PAX would organize to remember which number was what exercise.  They started in the 2nd round but didn’t quite get it figured out until round 4 after the extra set of wolverines.  Twas a fun Q and an interesting social experiment.

Despite accusations of multiple repeated exercises in the device, burpees was the one one on there twice because I couldn’t show my face around here anymore if it wasn’t.

Also, ICYMI, a paper fortune teller is also lesser known as a cootie catcher, chatterbox, whirlybird, salt cellar, or paku-paku.  Also a w** p**** in some less sophisticated circles…

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