No-See-Lumb Week Round 2

AO: Rubicon

When: 06/02/2022

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (14): Caffey, Cookie, FannyPack, Hollywood, Krueger, Lil Hurt, Mater, MillerTime, Pinkey, PitStop, Speedo, Sprocket, Irene, No-See-Um (By Proxy)


So No-See-Um took my bait and was willing to trade Qs for the week. We would write each other’s workout and only deliver it at 0530 the morning of.

This brings a surprising amount of Q tension not knowing what to expect but was a thrilling exercise in communication and planning and opens up plenty of opportunity to make each other say and do things they would normally not.


My mentor/awesome friend was not to be found this morning as he slept away in Athens, but I was aware that would be the case. Although other PAX we’re eager to step up if needed I knew someone was bringing the printed workout for me to lead. This ended up being Caffey who also slyly started a timer on his fresh new watch as 530 struck.

No-See-Um did his homework and found Lumberghs first beatdown from May 2016. There’s only one issue with that but we will discuss that later.

A mosey to the big flag for IW, Toy Soldiers, Mercans, Mtn Climbers, and SSH (Yes he called for Salute Planks but none in the circle knew what it was. I suppose we could make it up but we skipped it)

Oh also, note that when Caffeys watch beeps it means 10 burpees. This worked out to every 10 minutes.

The Thang:

Off to the rock pile for a solid lifting rock and down to the FOD.

No-See-Um pointed to my turning 43 and connected it to the F3 idea of 43 feet. A great catch.

First round was 43 thrusters and mosey the bases

Second is 43 curls and mosey the whole field.

Third round is 43 Goblet Squats and bear Crawl the bases.

Fourth round is V-ups with rock and Bear Crawl the whole field.  But a reprieve was given after the six started bear crawling and we moseyed.

Caffey had to peak ahead as we were moving quite quick through this BD and only one slip of paper remained. I made the call to repeat round one and two ensuring those in the curl challenge met their daily goal.

I challenged the pax to think about what is wrong with my “first post” in May of 2016. This went down a path I did not expect but that will be left in the gloom

Back to the flag for some old fashioned foot races. An area I have lost my speed in with my dumb ankle. We split into heats and face off with Cookie, Miller Time, Hollywood, and Caffey winning their heat and facing off. They finished in that listed order.

With so many visitors coming to see this event we took turns with Mary.

Speedo with The Lounger from Gladiator, Sprocket with something from Bad Apple, Mater with Dying Cockroach from Boneyard, and Cookie with the Windjammer buzzsaw.

Oh yeah, the answer: My first post was May 2017. There was another Lumbergh before me! He apparently could not hang for the long term or perhaps he just ‘disappeared’ making way for the better lumbergh.






Ruck CSAUP on June 4th

Prayers for Pitstop and his trip

Prayers for friend of Mater as the family works through substance abuse.

TNT by MT promoting What Limits and the good works we can do in our town.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

What a truly fun week. A special thanks for No-See-Um for playing along. I will absolutely do this again with anyone that is willing to. Just hit me up.

Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate me. I feel better than I could ever imagine at 43 and owe 90% of that to F3.

Always a pleasure to lead

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