Boxing Day

AO: Brimstone

When: 05/28/2022

QIC: Blue

PAX (7): Boomstick, Caffeine, Chubbs, Circus, Echo, gmonkey, Meltdown


Disclaimer given.  Mosey to playground.


Mosey to playground

SSH 15, Cotton Pickers 10, Hill Billy 15


The Thang:

Exercise 1: Practiced footwork & head movement on the slip line. x5

Exercise 2:

Partner up – used pads for the four punches:

  1. JAB
  2. CROSS
  3. HOOK

Rotate through all x2

Exercise 3:

Partner held bags & rotated through 4 punches.

Exercise 4:

Bag exercises: Bench press, shoulder throws, sit-thrus whilst partner jumped rope.



Prayers for the shooting in Texas + unspecified family members.

Also, the idiot who brought coffee forgot to plug it in, so no #coffeeteria.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Usually, the boxing workouts are pretty popular, and I was looking forward to this Q.

However….this one kinda sucked.

After reflection, YHC tried to hard to make it a “boxing instruction” and not a high aerobic workout.   YHC needs to remember to keep #ego in check–the Q’s job is to provide a great workout for the tribe, period.

Learning is a journey, and YHC is a work in progress….next Q will be better!

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