Match making

AO: Gladiator

When: 05/31/2022

QIC: Zohan

PAX (12): Cheneral, defcon2, DREAMER, Moonshine, RaspberryPi, Scratch-Off, Shrinkage, Spandex, Speedo, Tar Heel, Zohan, Brownie


If I hadn’t signed up to Q, I wouldn’t have come. The Murph yesterday took a lot from me and I was feeling it this morning. As soon as I woke up I was ready to go back to sleep. Thankfully, I did sign up and so I did show up. When I parked and PAX started to roll in all thoughts of going back to sleep were set aside and I started to feel the energy coming from everyone. I love this group!!

The theme for this beatdown was Pairs. I tried to either match exercises together or select exercises that by themselves were a combo of two movements.


Mosey in the parking lot and over to the other side of the building. Circle up. All exercises were 12 reps in cadence – Weed Pickers, Windmills; Hillbillies, Toy Soldiers; Forward Arm circles and Backwards; SSH, Mountain Climbers.

The Thang:

4 Corners –

  • 25 Yawzas – Burpee followed by 1 alpha count Bonnie Blair. It’s a gift from Boomer that just keep on giving.
  • 25 Reverse Crunch and Heels to Heaven (on your 6, knees folded. 1- legs straight forward, 2 – knees folded, 3 – legs straight up, 4 – knees folded. That’s 1).
  • 25 Mike Tyson, a combo of horizontal squats and merkins
  • 25 Merkins and Donkey Kicks (one markin followed by one kick. That’s 1)

Run to the field. Next segment required some explanation.

Train Tracks. PAX lined up parallel to longer edge of the soccer field, about 4 feet from each other and planked. One person high plank, the next low, then high, then low…

Last PAX needs to go to the other side – crawl under high planks and jump over low planks. That last PAX then assumes position at the other end of the line. Those that were planking, when someone goes over or under then – switch high/low.

We made two rounds of that. While it wasn’t a smooth ride (some confusion and waiting for the men before you to advance) it was fun and we all got exfoliated by the nice black pebbles.

Partners. Still at the field we partnered up. Partner carry half the field and switch for the way back. then wheelbarrow half the field and back – switch as often as needed.

final act – with 10 minutes to go YHC realized we won’t be able to do everything planned. A casual ask about extending the workout to 1 hour (no school!) did not get the necessary number of votes and so some modification was needed. We moseyed to the planters next to the baseball fields and YHC called for:

20 OYO – 1 Box jump followed by 1 Calf Raise.

20 OYO – 1 BBSU followed by 2 punches.

20 OYO – 1 Derkin followed by 1 alpha count Shoulder Tap

Alas, we did not have time for Imperial Step ups (you can imagine). We moseyed back to the flag and arrived just in time.


CSAUP next week. Pool season opened (Bushwood AO begun on Fridays). Safe travels.

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