Top Gun

AO: Jericho

When: 05/27/2022

QIC: Hushpuppy

PAX (17): BagBoy, Baskins, Benny, Chinstrap, cingular, Crab Cake, Hushpuppy, jugdish, Mr. Hand, Napalm, Schneider, Snowman, Todd Doherty l F3 UMass, Valley Girl, Hogpen, Fiddler, FNG Rachael Ray


“Top Gun – Maverick” hits theaters today so I cooked up a Top Gun playlist to spur us along.

FNG in attendance so I hit the F3 Mission Statement and 5 Core Principles with Disclaimer before embarking.


Mosey to the lower football field.  BIG circle for 13x SSH, Weed Pickers, Mountain Man Poopers and Willie Mays Hayes.

The Thang:

We stayed in the Warm-o-Rama circle and YHC announced a round of Ring of Fire – much to the chagrin of the PAX who thought there were too many of us for ROF.  YHC split the PAX into 2 groups.  Group A knocked out 15 Merkins while Group B planked.  Flapjack.

Next we moseyed through the lower baseball fields into the middle parking lot for some parking lot DB drills – air chair for the six.  Mosey up the road to the upper football field, alternating to Bernie Sanders and carioca while stopping at each speed bump for squats.

11s with merkins / squats to the 50 yd line and shortening the yardage after each set of 4 rounds.

Sprint to the 50 and coast to the goal line, then sprint 100 and pay a tax of 3 Wolverines.

Next, PAX were split up again.  Group A conducted SSH on one side of the field while Group B drilled 15 Merkins, ran across the field and relived Group A of the SSH.  Flapjack.

Next we Bernie Sanders to the 50 and bang out 50 LBCs …. but wait!!!  it was at this exact moment that “Memories” from the Top Gun Soundtrack began playing.  In the movie, Maverick and Goose are in a flat spin and Maverick is pinned too far forward to reach his ejection handle and orders Goose to pull his.  Goose struggles to reach it, but finally manages to pull it and both men are ejected from the plane. Unfortunately, Goose dies when his head hits the F-14’s canopy.  The song “Memories” begins as our beloved Goose parachutes from the sky, lifeless, down into the ocean.  Tragic – but don’t fear, Goose went on to have a wildly successful career on the hit 90’s show, E.R.

Anywho, we honored this American hero, LTJG Nick “Goose” Bradshaw, by varying b/t planking and star holds during the song.

Next we Bernie Sanders-ed to the 50 and finally banged out 50 LBCs.

Finally we circled up for Mary, which consisted of 9x fire hydrants & reverse LBCs.

Mosey to the flag.


Prayers for our continued opportunities to enhance male leadership in our communities while acknowledging the wretched sinners that we all are, thanking God for salvation through Jesus Christ and praying for those who are hurt, lost, sick or in need.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

FNG graced us with his presence and was a EH from Hogpen (Cherokee) who also attended.  Turns out he is a executive chef…………..and YES, he had cooked goose before!!!  It was happening, the culmination of an entire playlist/theme and BD would end by naming the FNG “Goose”, but…..oh no…..mumblechatter ensued…we already have an Emeril…..PAX asked, who are some other famous chefs”?  Before I could blurt out “Wolfgang” or “Puck”, a voice came from the right side of the circle……a familiar voice….one often used with extreme wit and sensibility….and the voice said……..”Rachael Ray”.  It was perfect and another PAX was given a FIA nickname.  So, welcome FNG “Rachael Ray”!!!

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