Slow Motion , Fast Forward

AO: Norseman

When: 05/26/2022

QIC: Stu

PAX (16): Callahan, Chapter 11, Ha-ha, HotSauce, Huffy, Nacho Libre, Orvis, Password 123, Pepper, Pumba, Shooter, Striper, Stu, TMI, Delorian Sugar


Teacher Appreciation Day at the Norseman, appreciating all that our teachers do for our families with a special thanks to Shooter, Hot Sauce, and Nacho Libre who were in the House.


Some imperials, weedpickers, and arm circles.

The Thang:

First a few SSH’s and burpees to the Police.


Then on to the track for slow motion:

Merkins, Squats, Big Boys, and Walking Lunges with 220 sprints in between.  Proctors available for technique feedback.  We had one particularly disruptive student with the initials HH.


Upcoming Murphs (Monday) , extended ruck( A week from Saturday)

Prayers for families in Texas and Ukraine and all in need.



Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanks to all of our teachers for their work.

An Honor to lead

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