Monkey Humpers heard from around the world!

AO: Academy

When: 05/24/2022

QIC: No-See-Um

PAX (6): Cookie, Devito, Hollywood, Mayhem, Tiny Tim (Coastal Empire)


Sometimes to Q, you gotta get the juices flowing. Talk some trash. Beg for the men to “come get some!”. YHC challenged the pax to get to double digits.


Didn’t quite get there but did have 6 strong HIM on a wonderfully humid Georgia morning. YHC just knew there would be two more showing up as a certain someone HC’d (MT) and another must have turned off his notifications at like 2:00 pm or just doesn’t respond to insults (Nacho).


Yeah, waking up and driving to the Academy!

The Thang:

Thang 1:

Started with a little Twisted Surprise on the way to the Rubicon playground. On that 1.4 mile trek there were Burpees, Bonnie Blairs, Monkey Humpers, an extremely LOUD Devito Humping his Monkey and some BTTW to finish things off.


Thang 2:

Half-A-Half-A-Murph – Each pax did 5 rounds of 5-Pull Ups, 10-Merkins, 15-Squats and then moseyed to FOD for some Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear around the bases.

***As the pax passed the Rubicon men and their loyal Q-Pitstop, it only seemed fitting to stop and do some more Monkey Humpers. Hey, the pax had to show them some enthusiasm and cheer for seeing other pax out ITG!

On to second Rube playground for last Half of the Half-A-Murph!


Thang 3:


Moseyed to the turf at Chiringa for some Starfish/Wheel of Misery action.

Pax in middle of turf was catalyst doing 3 burpees then rotating to next man and so on. Could not leave till you were relieved by oncoming pax and around the wheel exercises included HR Merkins, Leg Raises, Jump Squats, American Hammers, Dips/Lunges. Two rounds were done before wrapping up and busting it back to the flag for time.


  • Devito and family traveling to Norway.
  • Prayers for Mayhem’s friend battling mental/emotional unrest.
  • Prayers for Devito’s dad and hip/leg issues.
  • Praise for YHC’s M and job situation.



  • Murph happening in multiple spots on Monday and see slack channels for details.
  • Academy coming up on one year anny and Devito interested to see if any HIM out there that may want the site Q reins?

Naked-Man Moleskin:

  • Welcome to our DR guest – Tiny Tim visiting from F3 Coastal Empire (Savannah).
  • Lots of mumble chatter and energy this am. Always great when one is Q’ing at Academy!!
  • Even had a Crack sighting as the men headed out of the Rubicon. Cookie did his best to EH him into getting his butt back out ITG with the men of F3 Alpha.


Pleasure to lead you men this am and I need a nap for sure…..or a good, cold beer!


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