Suicide 5K

AO: The Wreck

When: 05/20/2022

QIC: Donor

PAX (6): aflac, Choo Choo, Doogie, Matt Shields-Norm, Tubbs


A lighter than normal Friday group.  With the opening of Alive in Roswell Thursday night, I guess that is to be expected.  YHC had to make a late workout change after Wednesday’s Raider 50th celebration,  Recycled a workout from our F3 Birmingham brothers.  Lets hope this works.  Little concerned on the running distance.  Only one way to find out.  So off we went.



6 Pax moseyed over to the parking lot by the lacrosse fields.  A little chatter revolved around humidity, Thursday night on Canton street, and in particular conversations of an F3 brother who is running the park this morning for a certain distance achievement.

  • 15 x SSH
  • 12 x Weed Pickers
  • 12 x Mountain Climbers
  • 12 x Plank Jacks

Moseyed down the main street towards the back of the park.  On the way, we ran into said F3 brother who is working on his personal best and his pack. (Hope he has more coming for his distance).  Lots of shirtless dudes and some light bantering.  Tubbs asked if they were the women’s group (FIA)

The Thang:


Suicides were always a favorite workout so lets F3 this mother.  With the distance we might be covering the call was made we do suicides together.  Leaving no man behind.

Stage 1:  Line up on the speed bump and all PAX run to the next speed bump and complete 10 Burpees and return to the starting speed bump.

Stage 2: Run from start to the first speed bump for 10 Burpees.  Once complete, move forward to the next Speed Bump for 20 Merkins.  Run back to the start.

Stage 3: 1st Speed Bump = 10 Burpees : 2nd = 20 Merkins : Move forward again to 3rd speed bump for 30 Box Cutters.  Run back to start.  We quickly noticed how far apart these speed bumps are located.  More running than YHC planned.

Stage 4: 1st Speed Bump = 10 Burpees : 2nd = 20 Merkins : 3rd = 30 Box Cutters :  Run to 4th speed bump for 40 Squats.  Back to the start.

Stage 5: 1st Speed Bump = 10 Burpees : 2nd = 20 Merkins : 3rd = 30 Box Cutters : 4th – 40 Squats : Run to 5th for 50 SSH.

With 5 minutes to spare, Aflac noticed we were 0.25 miles from a 5K.  Bypass on Mary and lets go for it.  Our 5th Speed Bump put as right in front of the flag so we moseyed to the playground, up the stairs and back to the flag.  3.1 Miles and 1 minute late.  Nice work gents!!


Prayers for Choo Choo’s Father-in-Law as he is changing doctors.

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