Cheers to our Friends…Cheers to the Beers.

AO: Windjammer

When: 05/14/2022

QIC: Milli Vanilli

PAX (11): Cookie, Dipstick, False Start, lumbergh, mike c (Brutus ), Milli Vanilli, Stiff Arm, Stu, uga, Walkie Talkie


YHC had a birthday and what better way to celebrate than sign up for the annual birthday Q.  Looking back, I am beyond fortunate to have the best of friends….friends back home in Cleveland, our pals from Pittsburgh, friends here in Atlanta…and of course, the men of F3.

We’re so very fortunate to have friends in our lives.  Today’s theme was not what you get from your friends, rather what you give to your friends.  And today, I give the gift of beer…and a beat down.


The usual disclaimers.  Of course, please don’t sue F3.

Don’t sue Lake Windward.  Or it’s parking lot.

Don’t sue Cookie.

Don’t sue Cookie’s boat.

Don’t sue Cookie’s realtor.

And we’re off….let’s mosey on over to the Flag.  It’s at half mast out of respect for those one million Americans that lost their battle with covid.

A few SSH, Weekpickers, Willie Mays Hays, and some forwrad/backward arm circles.


Back to the parking lot!

The Thang:

The Thang…oh where do we start.  Oh look!  A white board (in red marker I might add, much to Stu’s displeasure….he’s seen this board before and has a general disdain for the red).

I pulled National Beer Day out of the archives and brought it back, rethemed to “Beer with Friends” so let’s break this down.

There are three phases to get through when it comes to Beer with Friends.  Take a lap whenever you see fit to mix it up a bit.

Phase I: The Bottleshop

  1. 6 Pack: LBC (200)
  2. 12 Pack: Squats (200)
  3. Case: Freddy Mercury (200)
  4. 30 Pack: Mountain Climbers (200)A

Phase II: The Brewmaster

  1. Stout: Merkins (100)
  2. Douple IPA (Carolina Drydock (50)
  3. Hops: Jump Squats..duh! (50)
  4. Pretzels: E2K (50)A

Phase III: The House Party

  1. PBR: JLO (50)
  2. Tall Boys: Calf Raises (100)
  3. Edward Forty-Hands: Wide Arm Merkins (40)
  4. Keg Stands: Derkins (50)

Aaaaaand that’s time….back to the Flag!


Thoughts and prayers to I believe it was Stiff Arm’s father-in-law and Madeline for Brutus.

TNT to follow and YHC shared what friends mean to me…the world.  Remember, you get out of a friendship what you give.  And with that, I give my friends a beer.  Not all PAX partook in the cold beverage, but that’s OK.  Coffee, Beer, Friends…..I couldn’t ask for much more.


Thank you, friends.




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