Streams, not Swamps

AO: 3rd F

When: 05/14/2022

QIC: Crab Cake

PAX (10): 5-Way, Ace Ventura, Crab Cake, Script Kiddie, Todd Doherty l F3 UMass, Full Metal Jacket, Doolittle, Minecraft, Bend-It, Lucille


When you bottle in the blessings or look to only contain them for yourself, you have the same function as a SWAMP.  Swamps are smelly and nothing good grows in them.  STREAMs, in comparison, look to hold nothing but rather guide the water in the right direction and as a result host a variety of abundant life and growth.  I’ve mulled over this dichotomy for years and it came back to top of mind in taking on the role of 3rdF Q in F3 Cumming.  We’re blessed with great fitness and fellowship and part of our Faith calling is to allow the first 2 F’s and leadership to flow outward into the community.  And I believe that through this type of action, we’ll see new types of growth in our area.

Through a sequence of events between FiA Tex, FiA Songbird (YHC’s M), Ace Ventura, his Rotary connections, and YHC along with the inspiration/template/leadership of the Thundermeet team and NLB, the idea was formed to host a Beatdown, Dinner, and Hangout at Bald Ridge Lodge to support the gents of the lodge in their current journey.  

Today was the first of hopefully many.


Disclaimer was given in layman’s terms.  YHC may have even said the word ‘Jumping Jacks’.  FNGs ranged the full spectrum of being locked and loaded for exercise to those looking for any reason to excuse themselves.  No offense taken – we’re a bunch of weirdo rando dudes to them at this point.  No matter, we moved forward into the WoR.

To commemorate the event, FiA Tex joined us for her promised (1) Burpee before leaving to her next event.  We continued on with:

SSH, Weedpickers, WMH, Moroccan Night Clubs, and Good Mornings IC

The Thang:

Mercan Mile

Increase the number of Mercans at each Parking Line, running to the end of the lot each time, 1-10

1 FNG left the circle upon hearing the instructions, 1 stayed and faced it head on, and 1 started, left, then came back.  It’s all good – each one was accelerating in their own right


Doras on the Hill

Top of the hill Parter: 20 burpees, 50 squats, 100 LBCs

Travel Partner: Mosey to the bottom and back up


Wall Scaling

YHC then noticed a beautiful wall which we used to scale horizontally 10 paces on our way back to the main lot



X-Factors on side A and Bonnie Blairs on side B


6 mins of Mary included:

Flutter kicks, Windshield wipers, Ranger Mercans, and Dying Cockroaches


We thanked the Sky Q for all of the blessings and asked for his continued help along our journeys.

COT extended into Dinner and Board Games..

Ace Ventura cooked up a feast of burgers and dogs for the entire home and F3 PAX.

And while ripping through a large cinnamon bun bread, PAX enjoyed a board game together.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

  • Lucille (who left, came back, left, then came back again) mentioned that this event has sparked a renewed interest in working out.  [Check]
  • Doolittle (who also hopscotched in and out of the workout) and YHC took 2nd place in the board game. [Check]
  • Bend-It (who crushed the entire workout) Splashed Merlot’d.  [Check]

Every goal YHC and F3 PAX had for this event was met.

There are many great ‘Streams’ in our area such as the organization like Bald Ridge Lodge and today we had the privilege of joining our forces with theirs. It was fulfilling on many levels and new visions are being seeded as we speak for further involvement in our community.

Combining efforts with The Way Home organization, we were able to donate over $500 in gifts and food.

Truly an honor to journey alongside HIMs of F3, these fine young gents, and Bald Ridge Lodge.

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