Hip Hop Stairs

AO: The Wreck

When: 05/16/2022

QIC: Catheter

PAX (14): aflac, Bear, Bieber, Caffeine, Catheter, Cliff - Chris Noto, corky, Donor, Hammy, Prego, Raider, Squeak, Tubbs, Yankee


Lots of pressure on this beat down and back blast after the aflac unload last Friday.  YHC goals for today – have a plan, don’t run a lot, don’t do high rep sets, and do something interesting.

One of the “interesting” items chosen was the Dr. Dre music inspiration.  That ended up being more interesting than planned with Amazon auto-play going through the most profane playlist in the history of music.  Glad there were no kids around…


Mosey to the parking lot for 12 x SSH, 12 x Weed Picker, 12 x Mountain climbers.  Partner up and grab a medium sized coupon, mosey to the stairs behind the turf field.

The Thang:

Round 1 (3 sets):

Partner A: Up the steps carrying coupon, backwards down the steps (lots of revolting on the backwards walk – YHC thinking PAX balance was off from the weekend)

Partner B: Merkins



Round 2 (3 sets):

Partner A: Overhead press with coupon

Partner B: Big boys



Round 3 (3 sets):

Partner A: Reverse bear crawl up the steps with a decline merkin on each stair (this was the other “interesting” item for the day.  Major revolt on this one…)

Partner B: Squats with coupon



Round 4 (3 sets)

Partner A: Side lunge, up/down with left leg first, up/down with right leg first

Partner B: LBCs



Mosey to the playground

Partner A: picnic table shrugs

Partner B: bear crawl around the playground equipment



Mosey to the flag for 2 minutes of Mary, time.


Site Q transition happening in early June – reach out to Tubbs to nominate yourself or another PAX.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

What a great group.  Good times and a gloomy grind today – thanks for the inspiration from all!

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