Deconstructed Burpees

AO: The Wreck

When: 05/06/2022

QIC: Meltdown

PAX (19): aflac, Backside, Catheter, Choo Choo, Cliff - Chris Noto, corky, Deadbeat, Foley, Hammy, Juul, Matt Shields-Norm, Meltdown, Moonshine, Raider, rip, Rooney- timlonergan, Sic’em, Squeegee, Yankee


Been thinking about this for a while, but decided to do a BD around taking a burpee and doing each movement as it’s own exercise.


Moseyed to the parking lot for the following:

toy soldiers x 10

weed pickers x 10

peter Parker x10

mountain climber x10

stone mountains x10

The Thang:

Moseyed to the football field for 4 corners for some deconstructed burpees.
bear crawl through the end ones, and in the corners we started with 1 exercise and added the next set at the next corner.

10 squats

20 kickouts

30 merkins

40 jump squats. Then Mary for the 6.

To keep things in the ying and yang on the field, went reverse on the 4 corners, this time lunge walking through the end zones.

After some groans going back, went to the parking lot where we broke into 2 groups. Group 1 ran to the end of the parking lot, did 2 burpees, and ran back. Group 2 did merkins to failure then wall sit. Flapjack, and repeated it twice.

Then, had the pax line up and Indian run to the playground. Gotta little dicey down the trails trying to pass. Once at the playground, we did a quick round of morning call. Then back to the flag.
It appeared from the 6 that a foot race between 2 PAX was occurring. Not sure who won, but what a way to finish the BD. The some Mary before time was called.


Remember convergence is Saturday. Prayers for Choo choo’s father in law.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always great to lead this group and challenge ourselves to continue to get better.

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