Dinghy and the Quest for the 2 Mile Loop

AO: The Bridge

When: 05/06/2022

QIC: Dinghy

PAX (7): Birdie, Maguire, Meatball, Popper, Sugar (Hooch - Gwinnett), zima


There are many changes afoot at The Bridge, including being returned to Alpha, multiple structural changes in our comfy town green area, and expansion of the woodsy fitness area. And so we roll with the changes – even if it means that we have to make adjustments (COUGH, COUGH, route for the Murph run)……As such, YHC felt it a good time to kill to birds with one stone and     a) Administer a rucking beatdown, and b) Test out a 1 mile route for the front/back end of our upcoming Memorial Day Murph. With that end in mind (and with the impending sunrise), commenced with a rolling disclaimer and warm-o-rama, and off we went.


Rolling warm-o-rama, with arm swinging to warm up the torso.

The Thang:

Rucking on a route throughout the town center area and out the back path to the wooded obstacle course area. Rucking was inspired by fast paced “travelin’ music” to help keep things moving.

While rucking, pax performed following exercises at each song change: Merken/Monkey Humper/Air Presses in multiples of 1/2/4. At each song change, increased number of reps, so that we progressed to 2/4/8-3/6/12……all the way up to 10/20/40 reps of each exercise at the end of the quest.

At the mid-point of the ruck (1 mile in), Pax performed following exercises on their own (rucks on) in preparation for the Murph (modified as necessary): 50 pullups / 200 squats

Rucked back to the flag, continuing the exercise protocol at each song change.


Announcements: Alpha Convergence at The Norseman, Saturday 5/7 at 6:30. BrewRuck 5/14 (more details forthcoming)

Prayers: Continued prayers for Dinghy’s aunt’s father as we finishes his earthly journey, prayers for safety for 2.0’s  returning from college, and continued prayers for peace in Russia and Ukraine.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Planning for a Q is usually a fun activity. This one was especially fun, particularly because it’s the first time YHC did a rucking BD AND it helped test out the potential route for the Murph (need to simplify, clearly). A really good way to add another hammer to the Q’s toolbox. It was also fun the see the reactions of the Pax as we completed our quest to the sounds of being taunted by outrageous French knights calling us “wipers of other people’s bottoms.” Given the fun that can be had (plus the empty Q sheet),  I challenge the other kin-ig-its who post at The Bridge to challenge yourselves and others and lead us on your own version of a quest (as long as it does not involved waving our private parts at other people’s aunties…..).

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