Geometry in the dark

AO: Boneyard

When: 05/02/2022

QIC: Speedo

PAX (4): Dinghy, Speedo, vertigo, Zohan


As is sometimes the case, a plan can look great on paper but takes on a new form in the gloom of a dark Boneyard morning.  Pax rolled in and it only took three of us to get the flag planted firmly in the ground.  The Boneyard shovel appears to be a descendent of a ladle and is surprisingly difficult to plant.


Mosey down towards the JCPD officer making sure no one is playing pickleball before 6 am then around and back to near the basketball courts for:

  • Hillbillies x12 IC
  • Moroccan Night Clubs x12 IC
  • Covids/Michael Phelps OYO
  • Weed pickers x12 IC


The Thang:

On the soccer pitch, YHC planned for a series of four corners with the box growing then shrinking then growing again.  The view of the field from Google Maps is a bit different than the view while on the field in the dark.  Here’s what we did/attempted:

  • Box 1 – supposedly the goalie box – 5 Copperhead squats at each corner, crab walk between corners
  • Box 2 – penalty box – 10 One-legged merkins at each corner, bear crawl between corners
  • Box 3 – half field – 15 Russian Twists (aka American Hammers) – Bernie between corners
  • Box 4 – other half of field – 15 No Surrenders – Bernie between corners – some of us modified to lunges since the Newtown field nuggets are surprisingly painful after 30 or 40 of these
  • Box 5 – other penalty box – 10 Elbows to Knees – bear crawl between corners
  • Box 6 – other goalie box – 5 Random exercise – Zohan called Absolutions which really suck
  • Box 7 – Full field – Seven burpees at each corner, mosey in between

The plan was to move on to the next field and repeat the fun with a different set of exercises that attempted to spell out the word CORNERS.  Time was not on our side however so we headed to the parking lot for a modified merkin mile (basically a bunch of merkins with much running).

We lined up and QIC instructed that we would head down the parking lot and each time we encountered a tree on either side of the lot we would drop for 10 merkins/mercans.  After some stalling posing as questions about whether trees inside the amphitheater fence counted as trees, we began.  PAX were encouraged to try different types of merkins and quickly realized there are a LOT of trees in the park (shocker…it’s a park).  We stopped just before we were going to get to the one-handed diamond hand release clap merkins….maybe next time.

Back to the flag in time to do some big bois until time was called.


Convergence this coming Saturday at North Park in Alpharetta.  0630 start for the beat down and pre-run and pre-rucks are on the menu for 0530 start.  Check Slack for more details.

Prayers for Fannie Mae who is battling cancer in a big way.

Praise for our ability to get up and do hard things.  It won’t happen without you guys showing up and pushing me so thank you.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I’m thankful for the grace shown by the PAX when a well-intentioned plan doesn’t play out exactly as I had hoped.  Live and learn and get a little stronger…

–Speedo out

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