The Danger Zone

AO: Widowmaker

When: 04/30/2022

QIC: Cox

PAX (9): Funyun, NRA, OverDraft, Skip-pe, Speedo, Zohan, Other, Pepsi


Ruckers and Funyun came in at 6:59 so start time was graciously extended 30 seconds. (Your welcome) Top Gun 2 coming out soon so maybe we can get some help from Kenny Loggins and friends for a musical Q. Oh yeah and my lower back was not happy so heavy on stretching and light on Burpee related activities. (Your welcome). Glad to see @Pepsi back from an extended hiatus


Warm O Rama at turf field on the circle (to the Top gun theme of course)

  • Ssh
  • Hillbilly
  • Windmill
  • Right over left
  • Left over right
  • Toy Solider
  • Squat (Copperhead)

The Thang:

Mosey to the upper coupon pile for some fun. Grab a curl-able coupon (or not – YHC apparently dealing with coupon envy…WTF happened to the “my lower back isn’t happy?” ). Whipped out the big font Weinke and the speaker for some tunes.

Was going to count off in pairs but I guess it was a continued Bulldogs National Champs celebration and we had an even number of red and black/grey PAX so let’s roll with it – find a partner with a different color shirt (my aren’t we a diverse group). Hit play and off we go

  • Danger Zone – 3:36 – ALL PAX – Ssh until “danger zone” then squat 
  • Playing with the boys – 3:59 – Curls and partner run loop
  • Footloose – 3:45 – Merkin and partner run loop
  • I’m all right – 3:45 – skull crusher and partner run loop
  • I’m Free – 3:45 – ALL PAX – plank and Merkin on “I’m free”
  • Renegade – 4:08 – Thrusters and partner run loop
  • The Stroke – 3:39 – pickle pointers and partner run loop (it was at this point the PAX descended into madness as Billy Squire hit the chorus singing “Stroke me, Stroke me” as we were pickle pointing to the beat – YHC could not have anticipated this (yeah right…)
  • Hungry Like The Wolf – 3:41 – E2K and partner run loop
  • Jump – 4:02 – ALL PAX jump rope and star squat at “jump” (fake jump ropes – who would have known we have so many talented PAX! @Speedo and @NRA immediately hit the double Dutch while @Funyun hit the lasso/double-under and many other jump rope tricks – some of which are outlawed south of the Mason-Dixon Line). There were so many simultaneously talented PAX I could not capture accurately/unsee the mayhem. We should go pro IMHO. )
  • End of the World – 4:07 – LBC and partner run loop
  • Danger Zone – 3:36 – ALL PAX – now the Zone of Danger as we swapped to squat until “danger zone” then SSH 2x

coupons back and some Runny-Joggy the long way back to say hi-bye to the ole Widowmaker hill and on to the turf for some cool down Mary stretching. Got about 1/2 way before time was called.


  • Convergence 5/7 – widowmaker closed
  • @Zohan shared his doctoral dissertation of everything weaselshaker – in all seriousness we must work to identify and encourage our missing PAX so they can feel the love too – Zohan shake that weasel!
  • prayers for our kids on the bus to and from Dollywood
  • prayers for Patricia for healing
  • prayers for @TMI as he prepares for BRR
  • lots of unspoken prayers as the words are not yet ready but the heart is
  • closed out the COT with thanks for the perfect weather and strong bodies strong to push ourselves
  • wrapped up with a peaceful transition of Site Q power to YHC!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

So thankful for the almost 2 years of brotherhood and shared suffering.  Honored to lead as Site Q.  SYITG!

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