You v. You #2

A plethora (7) of PAX showed up for pre run and ruck. The most that the Firehouse has seen since YHC joined the crew.

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Match making

If I hadn’t signed up to Q, I wouldn’t have come. The Murph yesterday took a lot from me and I was feeling it this…

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Made in the USA

Many American products are made of parts manufactured across the globe and assembled at the states. Similarly, YHC is still a work in progress and…

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YHC, Baskins, Deuce, and Snowman showed up for a pre-run.  YHC has been a little loose on his diet and exercise recently, but the glorious…

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Since today is Bushw00d reopening and Memorial Day weekend, YHC aware that the attendance might be light. There was no HC on the slack. Well,…

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