Brand new Altra’s and Instagram Poses

AO: The Storm

When: 04/30/2022

QIC: Swiper

PAX (6): déjà vu, Napalm, Sculley, Swiper, Todd Doherty l F3 UMass, Valley Girl


The day began at 6:08 AM when the F3 satellite beacon intercepted the below text message exchange between Valley Girl and UMass:

Valley Girl:  Hey UMass!  Are you going to the Storm this morning?

UMass:  Yeah, baby!  I just got some brand new Altras and I can’t wait to go and break them in on that squeaky-clean Greenway!

Valley Girl:  Dude!  Are you for real?  I got some brand new Altras, too!  These bad boys are beaming bright, just like the sun!  I’ll wear mine too, and we can break them in together!  There was some pollen dust on the Greenway last week, but hopefully it’s been cleared by now.

UMass:  Oh yeah, don’t worry about it.  The Greenway was almost spotless when I drove by there yesterday!  The white sidewalk pavement was gleaming like Simon Cowell’s new teeth!

Valley Girl:  Awesome!  Hey, you don’t think Swiper would pull a jackass move and take us down that crappy mud bog trail past the weird Fairy Village do you?

UMass:  Swiper?  No way.  He’s a parking deck/ Greenway / LTH kind of guy.  Kim Kardashian knows more about being in the woods than he does.

Valley Girl:  Yeah, you’re right.  Swiper’s idea of a hike is changing terminals at Hartsfield Jackson when the moving walkway is broken!  I’m tying my squeaky clean laces as we speak.  See you there!


Absolutely beautiful morning so we had to head to the top of the deck for warm up’s.  We started with 5, but quickly grew to 6 when Napalm tracked us down at the top.  Warm-up’s:  All IC

  • Willie Mays Hayes
  • Hillbillies
  • Good Mornings
  • SSH

Review of the Q Source Message (see NMM below), and then a quick Ruck Sack Dora routine with Partners:

Partner A – run to last light post on top deck, backpedal back

Partner B – works on the following, all with Ruck;

  • 75 curls
  • 100 Overhead Press
  • 125 Bent over rows

The Thang:

After getting the heart rates up for a few minutes, we headed out to the greenway.  This is where the plot line of the earlier text conversation starts to have a foreshadowing undertone…

YHC thought…no rain in several days and I could have sworn I heard something about the city Parks and Rec team working to clear the walking path, so conditions should be great for an off road excursion?  Let’s do it!  (Insert suspenseful music and looks of horror from VG and UMass).

Apparently, I changed the radio dial before the 2024 estimated timeline for the clearing of the path was announced.  It was only about 100 yards past the fairy garden when the theory started to fall apart in a big (tree across the path) kind of way.  Lesser men would have turned around, but the Cumming Pax powered through with a work around solution and were back on the path to glory after a minor detour through the woods.

From there, we encountered mud bogs, a deer who clearly wasn’t expecting visitors, and a “Keep Out” sign that looked like it belonged to a strange old guy who lived in a shack with a wall full of missing persons flyers on his wall.

For a moment, it looked like there was a clearing and we might emerge, but alas, our time was elapsing and we had to turn back and await another opportunity to search for the way through.  If I were a betting man, I expect it will be the first Saturday after I get my next pair of new shoes when Valley Girl or UMass have the Q!  Kidding aside, both were great sports and hopefully the shoe impact was minimal!



  • Convergence Next Saturday – Storm and other Saturday AOs will be closed so plan to join the Alpha Team at North Park – see Slack for details
  • Event at Forsyth Home for Boys on 7/14.  See Crab Cake & Ace Ventura for details

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Mutual Competence:  When a team is working together and conspiring to have an impact, all team members must hold others accountable for having the required skills to successfully complete the mission.  Whether in front or in the rear, all contributing members have a role to play and one unprepared team member can cause an impact to the end result.

Even when one team member has the required skills, it might be time to place the responsibility for a specific task in the hands of a less experienced contributor to grow their level of competence. (Consider this in your families, what can we ask kids to do that will help them grow and contribute to the mission of the family?)

Also, we need to identify a new process for pictures at the Storm as this morning’s gloom shot appeared to have a group of girls who had synched up for a picture for the sorority’s Instagram page that superimposed the faces of F3 Cumming PAX.  Aye!

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