“Sir, The Bridge Has Been Re-taken!”

AO: The Bridge

When: 04/29/2022

QIC: Dinghy

PAX (8): Birdie, Homer (Andy Darnell), Maguire, Meatball, Speedo, Sugar (Hooch - Gwinnett), Mr. Softee


One would think that re-districting would only affect voting districts…..AND YET, NO! It also applies to F3 AO’s. A year-ish (maybe a little more) after The Bridge was seized from F3 Alpha (much like the Falklands back in 1982), The Bridge is back under it’s founding flag. For some time, this outpost with tons of great places to do a beatdown was somewhat lightly attended and kept open by a few hardy souls. Not anymore – THE BRIDGE IS BACK, ALIVE, AND (REASONABLY) WELL ATTENDED.


Weedpickers x 10

Windmills x 10

Moroccan Night Clubs (sobriety style, 1 foot in the air) x 10

Hillbillies x 10

Copperhead Squats x 10

SSH’s x 15

Mosey to the back parking lot via the lower level of the parking deck

The Thang:

  1. Keeping with this week’s 4 corners themes, did an up/down ladder of the following exercises (except that while the first 2 exercises laddered down after hitting to top reps, the air presses just kept going up):

Monkey Jumpers / Mike Tysons / Air Presses (done to 5/10/15/20/25/20/15/10/5 reps)

On the short side sides of the rectangle, bear crawl to the next station. On the long sides, Bernie Sanders to the next station. Plank for the 6

2.  Mosey to the deck ramp. 11’s with Mountain Climbers (bottom) and V-ups (top). Bernie Sanders up the ramp, mosey down. Mary for the 6

3. Mosey to the flag. Mary with the following exercises:

Flutter kicks, Dollies, Step Ups, Easy Chairs (with slow shift to the right for the remote and slow shift to the left for the beer)



Announcements: Gwinnett Convergence 4/30 at Hall of Justice, Alpha Convergence 5/7 at Norseman

Prayer requests for: Dinghy’s Aunt’s father; Homer and his family as they travel on vacation and a succesful completion of his upcoming work week; Safe returns/travels for all the 2.0’s who are finishing up college and coming home; and prayers said/unsaid for all our brothers

Naked-Man Moleskin:

YHC’s first beatdown and naming occured at The Bridge. It was also the site of my VQ, as well as where I’ve had the most Q’s. Therefore,  it’s a special place for my F3 life, and it’s always a place where I enjoy building physical and leadership muscles. As always, a treat to lead today (and YHC gets to do it AGAIN next Friday!).

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