Right Side Up!

AO: Rubicon

When: 04/28/2022

QIC: No-See-Um

PAX (17): Caffey, Devito, False Start, FannyPack, Focker, Groundhog, Krueger, Lefty, Lil Hurt, lumbergh, Mayhem, MillerTime, Red Ryder, Special K, Stiff Arm, Turbine


NFL draft day and it is basically like it’s own season with all the hype and build up around it. YHC decided to have some fun in the gloom as there is never enough of that….while still getting some work in.


And no, this is NOT an actual picture of Stiff Arm….but this morning he and Fanny Pack sure did look every bit the part.


To the OG warm-up spot between the two ‘natural-grass’ baseball fields. Ole Boomer, Mufasa and others would remember this soggy, dark patch of grass.

SSH, Imp. Walkers, Weed Pickers, SLOW Windmills, Merkins, Mtn. Climbers, Arm Circles and Covids. It is now that the pax counted off into teams of 4 with Lumbergh being our esteemed “Rubicon Commissioner” today.

The Thang:

Just like the NFL draft later tonight, there’d be a 10 round draft at the Rube this am. But instead of choosing talented studs from the Alpha, Mr. Lumbergh would be drawing exercises and drills!


The 4 teams would designate a captain prior to each “Round of the Draft” (or at least that was supposed to be the idea….your ole Q kept forgetting this until maybe the 4th round or so after several reminders from Devito and his team). Nevertheless, fun was had and here’s what went down.


1st – Shuttle Drill (or Suicides)

  • It was clear early that Team #2 (YHC, Stiff Arm, Red Ryder and Mayhem) would be one to watch out for as they took the first round!

2nd – BTTW

  • Despite pleas to have this be a total team event, it ended up coming down to the Boy Wonder from Down Under (Stiff Arm) and your newly appointed Site Q-Fanny Pack. This is where the pax knew they could not let Team #2 hold on to the momentum so False Start proceeds to throw out the line of the day… “Hey, this is right side up for Stiff Arm”. Laughter ensued and shortly thereafter, Fanny Pack was crowned the champ of the BTTW!

3rd – Broad jump Burpee‘s out and back 

  • Another second place finish for Team Stiff Arm…so close.

4th – Football Throw (accuracy) 

  • Closest to hit the middle “0” wins…just don’t throw it over the fence in CF. Q flubs up again and does just that so I believe Groundhog got the W.

5th – Football throw (distance) 

  • Tightly contested but Lil Hurt edged out the rest of the teams in the end. Team #2 tied for second, AGAIN.

6th – Field lap

  • Not even a race as Team #2 chose their captain wisely as Mayhem coasted to a win.

7th – Vertical Leap (Wall Jumps/Taps) x10 ….& then each captain would square off.

  • Clearly this event wasn’t planned out very well – Lefty thought he had it in the bag until Focker literally almost ripped down the gutter to show his authority.

8th/9th – Plank & Interview Questions:

  • Had to be there for the riveting answers but once again Grounddhog took this event as the majority agreed with his statement “The Fellowship is what motivates me to post at 5:30!”.

10th – 40 yard sprints x2 or x4 or till YHC says stop…

  • No clear winners here but Team #2 was looked good.


  • Prayers for Pinkey’s 2.0.
  • Prayers for YHC helping lead SS class with his M starting this Sunday on Marriage and Staying In Love.



  • May 7 – F3 Alpha Convergance at Norseman starting at 6:30 am. Pre-Ruck and Pre-Run options!!!
  • May 21 – 2.0 workout at Nirvana (Northwestern MS)…bring your kids (boys or girls).

Naked-Man Moleskin:

In conclusion and just looking at all the facts above, Team #2 comprised of Stiff Arm, Red Ryder, Mayhem and YHC were the clear winners of this year’s Rubicon Draft Day Extravaganza…..clearly!!

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