Jacob’s Mound and some true F3 conversations

AO: Starting Line

When: 04/27/2022

QIC: Script Kiddie

PAX (3): Janeway, Sirmixalot


I had in mind a combo idea, the mound had not been used for a bit and it was time to add in something I found on Youtube, Jacob’s ladder, with a SK/Starting line spin.Janeway showed for a Pre-Ruck so we got the party started with a mile or 2 ruck and some good mumblechatter, when we got back to the flag there were no other cars in site and with a realization that I had left my speaker at the house, it looked to be a tuneless BD, but that was ok with me and Janeway, so it was time to mosey


We started off and ran past the Spot(trademark pending) then did a bit of Bernie Sander-ing and ended up next to the mound, disclaimer given

Iron cross
Moroccan night clubs
Michael Phelps

Warm up complete

The Thang:

Jacob’s Mound- This is a combination of 11’s on the mound with Jacob’s ladder added in to amplify the fun
1 4 count squat (full squat then half squat with a jump at the end)
At the top of the mound 1 diamond merkins
10 V-up/Y-ups at the other side of the mound
back at the top do 1 ranger merkins
at the bottom 2 4 Count squats
At the top 2 diamond merkins
9 V-up/Y-Ups at the other side of the mound
back at top 2 ranger merkins
Each time the Diamond and ranger merkin count increased and the other 2 exercise (4 count squats & V-Up/Y-Up) followed the regular 11s pattern
It worked out to be
66 4 Count squats(full squat then half squat with a jump at the end)
66 V-up/Y-ups
55 Diamond merkins
55 Ranger merkins
And a lot of trips up and down the mound
That was the end of Thang1

Bear hold for 1 minute
Rest for 5 seconds
Roll to the left side, hold 1 armed plank for 1 minute
Rest for 5 seconds
Roll to your back and do a reverse plank for 1 minute
Rest 5 seconds
Roll to the right side, hold 1 armed plank for 1 minute
Rest 5 seconds
Standard low plank for 1 minute

At that point it time was called


Count and nameorama done

Prayer Request
PAX shared pray request of family concerns/issues

Acceleration point
Realization that the things that can hit us out of the blue/overwhelm us can also be the things that help us get stronger/grow, and also helps us trust/lean on God more, nothing happens to us that is a surprise to the SkyQ and as we realize that we are better able to handle the unknown and trust God to get us past even the craziest things. and also the HIM of F3 will always be there for one another to help each other get past situations.  Iron sharpening Iron.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Sir Mixalot saved the day with not only bringing the Java but also Creamer too, ahh the joy of Sweet Cream in the morning.

We sat down had one of the most real and at times raw conversation about how things can hit us out of nowhere and overwhelm us, and the only thing we can do is be there for one another to encourage/uplift/pray for each other.  So very thankful for the men of F3 and how we keep pushing each other to get better, not just in Fitness but in every area


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